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Never Again

Cut to said crummy bar. Ed and Scully sit in a booth. They both seem a little tipsy. Scully looks around at the less than photogenic clientele and wonders what makes this bar "so good when you're feeling down." Ed explains that everyone else in the bar looks like their problems are worse than his. Scully smiles at this, and pokes the lime in her drink with her stirrer, a particular habit of my own. (Along with peeling labels off my beer bottles. And yes, I know what that means about me and, frankly, that's none of your business. "It's true!" The Mulder action figure mutters, reading over my shoulder. "Shut up," I tell him. Just because his love life seems to be getting patched up rather nicely, he thinks he can counsel me regarding mine. Anyway.) Scully says you can't tell what's going on in someone's head just by looking at him. "I mean, they probably think we're the ones who are screwed up," she says. "Aren't we?" Ed asks, leaning in closer to her. But not in a creepy way. See, that's one of the brilliant things about this episode: Ed is a killer, yes, and he's certainly got issues. But nutsy talking tattoo aside, he's a pretty sympathetic character. Scully sucks on the end of her straw. I can field Ed's question, by the way: the answer is: yes, yes, a thousand times yes. You are both phenomenally screwed up. Scully just smiles. "I've always gone around in this circle," she says. "It usually starts when an authoritative or controlling figure comes into my life. Part of me likes it, needs it, wants the approval. But then, at a certain point, along the way, I just, you know..." she trails off. Ed gestures like, "What?" Scully smiles at her drink. I wish I was smiling at my drink right now. I wish I had a drink right now. "Okay. Um. My father was a Navy captain. I worshiped -- I worship the sea that he sailed on. And when I was thirteen or so, I went though this thing, where I would sneak out of my parents' house and smoke my mother's cigarettes. And I did it because I knew if he found out, he would kill me." Ed smiles at this. "And then, along the way, there are other...fathers," Scully adds sourly. Ed says that it sounds as if "[her] time has come around again." She cocks her brow at this. He tells her that he wants things "more like a straight line." He never wants to go backward, he says. "That's why I got the tattoo I deserve," he tells her. "Mark the moment. The feeling. Memorial of something I that never want to have happen again." Scully gazes at him. "I wanna see it," she announces. He tells her that just because he wanted to mark the moment, it doesn't mean it worked or that he's actually moving forward. "I want to see it," Scully insists, leaning over and pawing at him. He tells her it's all scabbed up. "It's okay," she says, leaning over to fiddle with his shirtsleeve. Ed grabs her wrists. She gasps. "If you're so curious, get your own," he suggests.

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