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Never Again

Back at Ed's. He looks out the window at the rain and tells Scully that he thinks she had better stay. You know. For her own good. "The weather and a few drinks under your belt," he says. "I'd feel better if you stayed here." I just bet you would. Scully smiles at her shoes. "I'm not up to anything," Ed promises. "I just want you to be safe. I'll take the couch." Scully smiles up at him. Ed waits a beat before asking if her tattoo hurts. She shakes her head. "Yeah, um, it feels weird," she says. "I, uh, I can't see it and...I feel different...and, um, I don't know how I feel about that," Scully finishes. Ed walks over. They look at each other. He walks around and pulls up the back of her shirt, taking off the bandage. "It looks all right," he tells her. Scully turns around to face him and notices blood on his cuff. "Ed, you're bleeding again." She wants to take a look at it. "I am a doctor," Scully says, and starts ripping off his clothes. "They said this could happen," he offers weakly. What? That your crazy talking tattoo would bleed and a sexually repressed doctor/scientist/FBI agent would rip off your shirt under the guise of tending to your wounds? That's one hell of a tattoo. So, Scully takes off all his clothes. Well, most of them. "Ed, it looks burned," Scully says, holding his arm gently. "Get her hands off of me!" Jodie growls. Ed grabs Scully's hands, moving them roughly away. Scully gasps and looks up at him. They stare at each other. "Those are bad thoughts you're having, baby," Jodie warns Ed. "Kiss her, and she's dead." So Ed kisses Scully. The camera pulls back. Ed slams the door shut. And we retreat into the darkness and down the hall.

The next day. (I presume). LBO. Mulder's on the phone with the hotel, ringing Scully's room. No answer. He hangs up, pursing his lips. He finally sees the rose petal, still sitting on his desk. It's drying up, just like Scully, without any loving! Drying up! Becoming an old, dried-up old maid! Do you see the metaphor? Do you? Are you sure?

Ed's House of Hot Lovin'. The man himself sleeps on the sofa. Oh, suuuuuuuure. Like they didn't have sex. First of all, I happen to know that in the first draft of the script, it was quite clear that there was nookie. Someone who shall remain nameless, of course, decided to ambiguous it up, but come on. Sex was had. And I think we can all agree on that. Ed wakes up and slides out from under his blanket. He's wearing a completely different outfit than he was when last we saw him, right down to his pants. Yeah, they did it. As for why he's sleeping on the sofa, let's just say that Scully hogs the covers. Ed pads across the room and starts leaving Ms. Scully a note.

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