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Never Again

Scully's sitting and thinking when Ed bustles in cheerfully with coffee and bagels. "Good morning!" he says perkily, before he sees the expression on her face. "What's wrong?" he asks. Scully looks perturbed. "Ed, sit down," she says, taking her jacket off the chair and offering it to him. The chair, not her jacket. Because her jacket would be much too small. Scully throws her jacket on the sofa. Her badge falls out of the pocket and sits peacefully between the folds of the sleeves. Scully gives Ed the lowdown on the detectives and his missing neighbor. "They found some blood in her apartment and I believe, circumstantially, that it may be yours," she says. Ed sputters that he was helping Miss Dead Missing Neighbor move. Scully tells him that he needs to tell that to the detectives. She then explains that what she's really concerned about -- and what concerns both of them -- is that an ergot alkaloid was found in his blood. "Ergot is a parasite that lives off of rye and related grasses," she says, explaining that Milty told her that rye is in the ink that was used for both of their tattoos. "Now, if this is true, you may be subject to hallucinogenic ergotism," Scully continues. "Aural and visual hallucinations, dangerous and unlikely behavior. We need to go to the hospital to be tested." Ah, I forgot the subtle AIDS metaphor they worked in here, what with the testing and the blood and the sex and all. That was an interesting touch. Plus, we're almost to the whole bit where Scully has to pay for having a little fun with a hot guy. Can't have the future mother of the Savior of the World (Or Is He?) having sex with a dude she just met. No, that's not going to do at all. She's got to remain untouched, in preparation for her one lonely night with Mr. Mulder. Maybe after she gives it up, Mulder will get her a damned desk.

Anyway, Ed buries his head in his hands. He doesn't need to be tested, he tells her. "It's such a relief to be able to tell someone," he says. Scully makes a face, like she can't believe that she can't even go on a date anymore, without the guy coming up with some freaky story. "I hear it, Dana. In my head, only deeper," Ed says. "It's more than just some chemical reaction. She talks to me." He pulls up his sleeve. Scully looks at Jodie. "She hates women," Ed explains. "My wife. My boss. You. She's so jealous, Dana. She makes me do things. I don't want to. She controls me. But I believe that you made her go away." Scully rubs her face. "We need to get help," Scully repeats. "Now, I'm going to go into the other room and I'm going to come back and we are going to go together." She gets up and, grabbing her jacket, heads for the bedroom. Her badge falls on the floor and she swiftly picks it up. I can't tell if Ed saw the badge or not. Especially since he's got his head buried in his hands. "Who'd she call?" Jodie purrs. "Who did she call, Eddie? Aren't you just dying to know?" We cut to the tattoo and see that the burny scab is gone from her face. Ed picks up the phone and hits redial. The FBI answers, of course. "Dana Scully, please," Jodie says. Ed parrots. The operator will transfer him. He hangs up, swiftly. In the next room, Scully puts on her shoes and her shirt.

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