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Never Again

Scully walks out of the bedroom. "Never again!" Ed hollers and tackles her, shoving her into some boxes. Scully bites down on his wrist and punches him in the kneecap and runs into the bathroom. He chases her. They fight. Scully manages to grab a pair of scissors from a drawer in the bathroom and stabs Ed in the arm. Ed grabs her and throws her against the wall in the hallway, knocking her out. "Another woman in my bed?" Jodie growls. "Burn the sheets, lover! Burn her! Burn her!"

Ed wraps the unconscious Scully up in his bedsheets, accidentally packaging the scissors along with her.

Jodie cackles all the way down into the basement. Ed's carrying Scully over his shoulder like a fireman. Finally, he lays her down on the basement floor and drags her over to the old incinerator. Poor Scully. Unlucky in love, unlucky in...okay, everything. Ed spends a precious five minutes staring into the fire, giving Scully enough time to regain consciousness and begin to struggle out of her sheety cocoon. "Come on, baby. Come on, baby, do it!" Jodie yells. Ed turns to find Scully crawling out of his bed linens. He bends down to grab her and she stabs him with the scissors again. She leaps to her feet as he stumbles backward toward the incinerator. "This isn't you, Ed," Scully yelps. "Come on, Eddie," Jodie baits him. "Get a hold of yourself, " Scully directs. Ed's face sort of crumbles and he begins to cry. "Lose control," Jodie suggests loudly. "Take control," Scully cries. Finally, Ed shoves his arm right into the fire. Scully yelps. I guess that wasn't quite what she meant. Eventually, Ed stumbles away from the incinerator, his arm totally charred, Jodie's face burned off. Scully looks shocked. The camera pans around to her own tattoo.

LBO. Enter Scully in her proper suit, face all bruised. She looks a little...sore. Mulder comes in behind her. "Welcome back," he says. "You look a lot better than you did in the hospital." He goes and stands behind the only desk in the office. "Congratulations on making a personal appearance in the X-Files for the second time. It's a world's record." He removes a file from the cabinet and takes a seat. Yeah, don't worry about that. You'll break that record easy, Mulder. Give it a couple of years. Scully looks quite stony. Not without reason. Could Mulder possibly be any more patronizing and jerky than he is in this episode? I tend to forget how self-absorbed he is, because he's so pretty, but, dude. Of course, he'll get to re-evaluate that when Scully gets her terminal nose cancer and he has to spend weeks sobbing into her bed sheets and shoving his fists into his mouth. Anyway. So, Mulder exposits that Ed Jerse is at the St John's burn center, getting the ergot sucked out of his bloodstream and talking to a whole bunch of shrinks. He exposits that ergot was also found in Scully's blood, although not in an amount that could cause problems. Scully slowly walks over and sits. Mulder continues, saying that Ed will have further psychiatric evaluation once he recovers from his burns. Also, the case of the Russian Mobster Guy has been wrapped up, like we ever even cared. I guess we should be grateful for any wrapped-up plotlines, though, no matter how small. And I guess, technically, as far as that case goes, Scully was right for once. The Russians weren't getting abducted by aliens at all, just as she suspected. Despite this small victory, Scully just sits there and looks pained as Mulder blathers on that he's sad Milty's been sent to the slammer because he was thinking about having an "NY" tattooed on his ass to celebrate the Yankees' victory in the World Series. "Better late than never, huh?" Mulder asks. Scully doesn't say anything, but she does reach out and take the dried rose petal off his desk.

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