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Nothing Important Happened Today, Part I

FBI HQ. Moronica stands in the hallway and waits for the elevator. It opens. Xena walks out and sashays down the hallway. Moronica and the men in the elevator check out her ass.

Scully's house. She's putting little William down for a nap. "Sleepy time, sweet William. See you in a couple of hours," she coos, and pats him. He happily blinks up at her. Aw. I want one! Not right this second, or anything, though. And I'd prefer if mine weren't a super-solider, or the Second Coming, or whatnot. Anyway, Scully lays down for her own nap, looking awfully unhappy. Behind her, Baby William's mobile starts moving of its own accord. Of course it does. The force is very strong in him.

LBO. Moronica's editing something at Mulder's desk. Her pencil tip breaks, and she groans. She opens the desk drawer. Nothing. Looks around. Nothing. Slowly, she looks up, and sees all of Mulder's pencils, still stuck in the ceiling tile over the desk. The theme song tinkles quietly in the background, as Moronica takes off her heels and climbs on the desk to fetch one. As she's standing there, she hears someone in the hallway. "Hello?" she calls. There's no response, so she climbs off the desk and into the hallway. There's no one there, but someone has left a manila envelope. Inside? Iceman's obituary. Moronica reads it, and looks thoughtful.

Scully Household. William's crying in his bassinet. Scully turns over wearily and sees the mobile, softly spinning over his head. She sits up, looking like her heart is in her throat. I would have assumed the window was open, but I'm not on constant lookout for wacky paranormal symptoms in my children. I mean, if I had any. Scully stands by the bassinet, watching the baby cry and the mobile spin. Dude, pick the kid up, he's unhappy! He wants his mommy. She reaches out and stops the mobile. He breaks out in a fresh round of tears, and the mobile starts twirling again. Scully looks stricken.

LBO; Moronica answers the ringing phone. It's Scully. She's standing her bedroom, watching as her sleeping baby refrains from moving objects with his mind. "It's Scully," she says, wearily. "Dana! Are you all right?" Moronica asks. Doggett looks up, sharply. Scully wants to talk to Doggett, who basically snatches the phone out of Moronica's hands. "Something wrong?" he asks. "Yeah. Yeah, something," Scully says. "I think I might have been wrong, telling you to drop your investigation." Doggett tells her that he didn't drop it. And, in fact, they've found something: a body.

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