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Nothing Important Happened Today, Part I

Doggett's standing in the elevator, wondering what to give Skinner for their anniversary. Is a tie too impersonal? Are boxers too personal? Should they just go up to Vermont and tie the knot? But what about their careers? He's deep in thought when the elevator doors slide open to admit Deputy Director Kersh. Doggett assumes his poker face. Kersh flares and glares and asks how the investigation is going. "Have you turned up any incriminating evidence on me yet?" he asks. "Yeah," Doggett says. "Back when you were managing the Beverly Hill Beach Club, you had an unnatural obsession with Days of Our Lives." Actually, he just points out that it's only Monday morning. "It's nothing personal, Deputy Director. I hope you know that," he says. Kersh sarcastically comments that they've always seen eye to eye. "If you can't find anything on me, John, then nobody can," he says, then gets out of the lift. There was way too much voice modulation in that scene. I far prefer it when Kersh bellows for no reason.

Lush Basement Office! How I've missed you! More than the time-date stamp! The Trumpets of a Brand New Year honk in the background as Moronica watches something on a little TV. Maybe she's taking some time out to enjoy The View. Doggett storms into the office. "Hi. How you doing?" she asks, although she unfortunately doesn't use the Joey Tribbiani inflection. Doggett says nothing, but makes a frustrated face. "That good?" Moronica snarks. Doggett takes off his coat and rolls up his sleeves, complaining that he didn't want to be put on the X-Files, that Kersh put him there, and now he's just trying to do his job. Moronica comments that their investigation of Kersh isn't going to be easy. Doggett looks at her like, duh. "No, I mean it may be impossible," Moronica says. She tells him that the surveillance tapes from the parking garage don't show a car chase, a crash, a fireball, Krycek getting shot in the head, or anything of the sort. "What are you talking about?" Doggett asks, scampering over to her side to look at the television monitor. He grabs the remote, and scans through the tape. "Oh. This is the wrong damn tape," he says. Moronica tells him it's not; but there's nothing on it. It's been tampered with. Doggett, pissed, shakes his head and takes the tape out of the VCR. "Where'd you get this?" he asks. "From someone who wanted to give me the heads-up," Moronica replies. "They can't just make this all go away," Doggett says, and reminds Moronica that there's physical evidence down in the parking garage. Moronica tells him that "they" have had over forty-eight hours to clean that stuff up. Hello, didn't I say that it was a bad idea to just leave Krycek's body in the garage? Of course it disappeared! Nothing that happens inside that parking garage survives as evidence! Learn from past mistakes, people! Doggett sputters that they have witnesses. "Will they stand up to that tape?" Moronica asks him. Doggett shakes his head, puts his blazer back on, and runs back out of the office. Moronica sadly looks down at Mulder's desk.

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