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Nothing Important Happened Today, Part I

Water Reclamation Plant/Old Oil Rig Set From Last Season. Hardhat's still walking around, looking for Xena. Walking. Looking. Looking. Walking. Turning. Seeing! She's still naked. Next thing you know, she's got him by the arm, and she's diving back into the tank, taking him with her. She dives toward the bottom, Hardhat's sleeve firmly in her grasp. He screams. Well, he opens his mouth and bubbles come out. Whatever.

Office of the Skinman. Moronica and Skinner pow-wow. He's pretty pissed. "I don't know where Mulder is," Skinner begins. "I don't know that I'd tell you if I did." Mid-rant, the door opens and Doggett storms inside. Moronica turns and updates him; she's checked with movers, airlines, car-rental agencies. "No Mulder." You know, I'm not entirely sure why they're looking for him. Scully doesn't seem all that worried about where he is. She's the next of kin. Sort of. She's the guardian of the legal next of kin, I guess. If she doesn't care, why are they looking? Other than curiosity, you know? "Somebody get to him, that it?" Doggett wonders aloud. "That doesn't seem possible, does it?" Everyone stares at the walls. "So where does that leave us?" Doggett asks. He turns to Skinner. "It's just me and you," he says, "Our word against Kersh and the FBI. And our love. Our love that dare not speak its name!" Skinner looks noncommittal. "You'd better sit down, John. It's more complicated than that," Moronica tells Doggett. "What's more complicated?" he asks. "This investigation," she says. Skinner takes off his glasses, and looks down, and asks Doggett to drop the whole thing. "No," Doggett says. "No, not from you. Not from you. Not after what we've been through. I mean, we barely escaped with our lives!" Skinner shoots him a testy "honey, let's not talk about this at the office" type look, and remarks that their brush with death is yet another reason for them to proceed cautiously. "What, did they get to you, too?" Doggett asks. Skinner sighs. "No one got to me, John," he says. "They didn't have to. That's the point." Moronica is just looking back and forth at the two of them. She hates it when her two daddies fight. Skinner stares at Doggett. Doggett stares at Skinner. "You're afraid of them?" he asks. Skinner leans back in his chair. "I'm not afraid of them," he insists. "Well, you're afraid of something," Doggett says. "What? The real tapes showing up? Them calling you a killer for having to shoot Alex Krycek?" Stare. Stare. Smoldering glance. Skinner says he'll stand by killing Krycek. But he can't stand by Doggett, if Doggett's going to continue to "push until he gets someone killed." Doggett gives Skinner a dirty look. "You know what I fear?" Skinner asks. "Losing you!" Not really. Actually, he just fears for Mulder and Scully and William. "You think I don't fear for those things, same as you?" Doggett asks. "If you did, you'd let it go," Skinner tells him. Moronica just keeps staring at them. She looks a little stunned. Possibly by the power of their love. "So what I'm hearing is, if I don't drop it, I'm alone in this?" Doggett asks. Skinner says nothing. Doggett heaves, and gives him a gigantic "I can't believe you're doing this to me!" look. He glances over at Moronica, who's staring at them like she can't believe they're breaking up. Doggett starts to stomp out of the office, but Moronica calls him back. "John" she says. "You're not." Not alone, I guess she means. Moronica stands up and, with a look back at Skinner, follows Doggett out the door. Skinner stares at his desk and wonders if it's too soon to take early retirement.

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