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Nothing Important Happened Today, Part II

Down in the ocean, Xena -- still attached to the headless Noel Rooaoaoaoaoar -- opens her eyes. And then Scully wakes on her sofa, with a start. See, it was all a dream! Except for the part where Scully occasionally has those prophetic dreams. At least when it comes to that tall, dark-haired guy who just ran out to pick up a pizza. Over in his bassinet, William fusses. Scully pops over to his side and stares down at him. "Everything's going to be okay," she says. "Go back to sleep." I wish I could, Scully. I wish I could. William works his pacifier. Scully lies back down. William lifts his little arm to the sky and points at the mobile. Which doesn't move an inch.

Until we cut to black. "Executive Producer: Chris Carter," the screen says. And then the mobile starts to squeak. Do you think if I eat enough turkey, it'll kill me before the next episode? We'll find out. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

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