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Bats are not your friends

They stand up, and just as Scully notices Doggett's wounds from his first run-in with the ManBat, he passes out. She lays him on the porch, checks his pulse, and, in the distance, hears the loon-like screeching of the ManBat.

Back at the Bureau, Scully is yet again looking at Mulder's nameplate. Doggett comes in and tells Scully that they got a fax from Myron Stefanik, who is alive but has gone into hiding. Scully asks nervously if he believes that the ManBat is going to come after them eventually. Doggett thinks about it, then tells her that he's pretty sure he hit it, and he's pretty sure that she did, too. Scully looks thoughtful as Doggett says, "The guys upstairs" are a bit perplexed by the contents of their field report. "You'll get used to it," she says wryly, and goes behind Mulder's desk. She tells Doggett that she never had a desk in Mulder's office, but that she'll see that Doggett gets one. "Thank you for watching my back," she says, not looking up. "I never saw it as an option. I'm sure you don't either," Doggett says. Scully looks thoughtful, and puts Mulder's nameplate in a drawer and shuts it. Is that supposed to be symbolic, I wonder?

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