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That's No Alien, That's My Baby!

At the hospital, security answers a ringing phone as, outside, Scully and Hendershot attempt to make their escape.

Inside the hospital, Dr. Mumble leans over a railing to yell that they have two patients missing.

They're getting a lot of use out of the elevator set this episode. Scully and Hendershot look surprised as the doors slide open to reveal Noel, who grabs Scully's arm and tells her to follow him. Because she's a brilliant investigator, Scully asks him who he is. Shortly, he tells her that he's a friend of Doggett's. Or IS HE? He manhandles the women into a large SUV. Scully asks, again, who he is. Noel tells her that isn't important. She sort of shrugs and accepts that as the car takes off, squealing brakes and all.

In the car, Noel tells the women that they're in good hands, that he'll get this kid born safely. Scully shifts around in her seat, uncomfortably. She tells Noel that she really isn't supposed to be on her feet. As the SUV shuttles down the road, a bunch of police cars and army trucks speed the other way, sirens blaring. Noel roughly tells the driver to get off the road. The ride gets noticeably bumpier. Hendershot moans that the baby is coming. Scully demands that they stop the car! Not until it's safe for you! Stop it! They stop it.

Hendershot crawls into the back of the SUV. Thank God for roomy cars; they make having alien babies in the woods so much more comfortable. As Scully veers around to tend to her, Noel grabs her arm and moves her away. He tells her it's "for her own good," as she struggles against him. Hendershot screams. Scully struggles against Noel anew. He gestures, and one of his men stabs her with a hypodermic needle. Everything gets hazy, as a baby begins to cry. The cry begins perfectly normally, but, as the drug takes over, it becomes meow-y, just as it did when Anne was drugged in the first scene. Which, of course, prompts the question: did the baby meow, or was it the drugs making it sound that way? It's hard to say. As Scully begins to go under completely, someone with a flashlight comes over the hill.

Scully wakes up in the hospital, attached to all kinds of beeping machines. She looks around to find Doggett sitting patiently by her bed. He scootches closer. "You're fine," he says. "Your baby is fine." Relief floods Scully's face. Doggett tells her that she's very, very lucky. Moreover, Hendershot is okay, and her baby is (a) human and (b) just fine. "Oh my God, they switched it," Scully breathes. "Agent Doggett, they switched it on her." Doggett looks at Scully, kindly. "Scully, it's over," he says calmly. "No, it's not," she says, starting to sit up. Doggett gestures for her to lie back down. "We can't prove anything," he reminds her. "They say you overreacted to everything." Scully says nothing for a moment, then tells Doggett about the videotape. Doggett says it was just an old cassette that they'd taped over without removing the sticker.

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