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That's No Alien, That's My Baby!

"Who were those men?" Scully asks. Doggett admits, "They acted off information that came from me." He tells her that the men claim to have saved Scully's life. He wonders if she expects him to question that, to their faces. Scully purses her lips. "It was all planned," she says, "You know that. From the moment that man walked into our office. To get to Hendershot's baby, and now to cover it up. Oh, my God." Doggett looks down at his hands. "At least you're okay," he says. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asks. Scully starts to tear up. "I was afraid," she admits. "Afraid that they'd use it against me. Take me off the x-files so that I couldn't find Mulder." She squeezes her eyes shut. Doggett looks highly sympathetic as he leans over her. "I told you I'd help you. I said we'd find him," he tells her firmly, but very, very kindly. He pats her shoulder. Aw, go Doggett. Scully looks at him almost trustingly, as the ehhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHH starts up all over again.

Flashback Scully opens her apartment door to find Mulder asleep on the sofa. He wakes and bounds up, searching her face. She pouts sadly, and his face falls. "It didn't take, did it?" he says. Scully looks so sad. "I guess it was too much to hope for," she squeezes out. Mulder sort of shakes his head and embraces her. "It was my last chance," she sobs. Over her shoulder, he closes his eyes and rocks her back and forth. They hug tightly, and Scully sniffs and wipes her nose on his shoulder. Ehhhhh AHHHHHHH AhhhhhhhhhhhHHHH. Mulder holds her away from him for a moment, and kisses her forehead, then rests his own forehead on hers. "Never give up on a miracle," he says lightly. Scully grabs his neck and I swear to God goes for his lips, but ends up kissing his neck. I think. It's rather ambiguous, really, and I watched it five or six times. Maybe she hit the cheek. Or maybe his chin. Or his neck. But it could have been his lips. It's hard to say

Back in the hospital, Scully touches her belly, gently. The action figures and I sniff surreptitiously.

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