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That's No Alien, That's My Baby!

Scully's Apartment of Single Motherhood. Scully doesn't seem to know what to do with herself once she gets home from work anymore. Dana: sit down. Take a load off! Read InStyle. Watch a little telly. Get your mind off the alien baby that's currently living off your vital organs. Instead, she stands in the foyer and feels her baby bulge some more. She could do that on the sofa, too, you know. We flash back. There's knock at the door; Scully opens it to reveal Mulder, smiling goofily at her. She lets him inside, and offers to take his coat. He tells her that he has to get back to the office. They look at each other awkwardly. "Obviously, you've had some time to think about my request," Scully begins apprehensively. "It's not something I get asked to do every day," Mulder stutters. Scully closes her eyes, willing his rejection to go a little more quickly than it's starting out, so she can herd him out of her apartment and start to cry in private. "But I'm absolutely flattered. No, honestly," Mulder says awkwardly. Scully looks deeply embarrassed. "If you're trying to politely say no, it's okay, I understand," she sighs. Mulder yammers that he wouldn't want this to come between them, as weird as that sounds.

Parenthetically, I wonder if Mulder and Scully planned for him to actually act as the child's father, or just the sperm donor. Also, I read on the IMDB that David Duchovny is blind in his right eye, and that he has to put dye into it to keep it dilated and not weird looking, and I didn't believe it, but his eyes look quite different from one another in this scene, and I wonder if it's true, or just bad lighting. "Yeah, I know. I understand," Scully says, looking down. She looks horribly disappointed and on the verge of tears. Mulder stares moonily at her. Man, he's madly in love with her. People, that's what that look looked like! He touches her shoulder and half-smiles. "The answer, the answer is yes," he says. Scully looks up, her face flooded with joy and relief. She's very, very close to bursting into tears. They smile at each other, and embrace. The soundtrack Ehhhhhhhhh AHHHHHHH eeeeeehhhhhhhs. Mulder smiles contentedly over Scully's shoulder. Scully gathers herself and extricates herself from his arms. Blushing, she tells Mulder that she'll call Dr. Parenti and arrange "the donor procedure." Mulder grins. "At that part, I'm a pro," he cracks. He turns to go, but stops at the door and turns back to smile at her, then shuts the door softly behind himself. Sniffle.

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