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Scully's place. "Here's your mommy," Moronica says when Scully opens the door. She says it to William, I mean. About Scully. That wasn't some kind of pseudosexual "Who's your daddy?"-type comment. Anyway, Scully takes the baby and kisses him all over. "What's wrong?" Moronica asks. Scully walks inside. Moronica follows and watches as Scully lays the baby down in his crib. "What happened?" Moronica repeats. Scully just looks stricken and keeps patting the baby's head. "It's okay, just tell me what it is," Moronica prods. "It's Mulder," Scully whispers. At the mention of Mulder's name, something begins rattling inside a dresser drawer right outside William's room. The girls scamper into the hallway and stare at the dresser, its top right drawer knocking away. "What is it?" Moronica wonders. "An artifact. I got it from the man who was trying to kill William," Scully explains. "Okay, but what the hell is it?" Moronica says. Oh, all right: heh. Scully tells her that it's part of the Canadian UFO. Staring. Rattling. Staring. Finally, Scully opens the drawer. The UFO fragment flies out of the drawer and through the air, cutting through the wooden slats of William's crib and finally coming to rest suspended over his head. The baby watches it hover peacefully as Scully and Moronica look vaguely surprised.

Doggett shows up eventually, meeting Moronica outside Scully's brownstone. Scully's on her way down, Moronica tells him, but she wants to talk to him first. "Just tell me the boy's okay," Doggett says. Moronica says that he is, but that she thinks he has "a connection with this thing, this piece of metal." Doggett makes a skeptical face. "Are you telling me this kid's an alien or something?" he asks. Moronica doesn't know, but, she says, it seems like some people think so. And they're willing to kill him because of it. Doggett looks perturbed. Eventually, Scully emerges from the building, William in tow. He's wearing a darling light blue cap. Aw, the baby is really cute. Even if he is an alien. Scully and Doggett load the baby into the car, Scully muttering that she'll tell Doggett where they're going once they're on the road. He nods and looks up to see Overcoat Woman staring at him from her parked SUV. "I'll be right behind you," he tells Scully. "What is it?" she asks. Doggett shrugs. "Probably nothing," he says, and pats the hood of the car. The girls and William drive off.

Doggett stands in the street and stares at Overcoat Woman. Eventually, he approaches her car, which she takes as the cue to drive right into him, leaving him bloody and unconscious in the street. I totally did not see that coming. I mean it. I yelped. Good thing the apartment next to me is unoccupied, or they'd be banging on my wall right now. Also, when I start doing my Britney Spears routine. Shut up. I'm very good.

While Doggett bleeds to death in the middle of the road, Moronica and Scully pull into one of Washington's many dark, dark alleys. They're met by the Lone Gunmen, "the only ones left [Scully] can trust." According to her. Langly, Frohike, and Byers coo at the baby as Scully sputters about being careful and taking precautions and basically taking care of William in exactly the opposite manner of her own parenting practices. But the Gunmen assure her that they've thought of everything. Eventually, Scully gives William a final kiss, and heads for the car. "Whatever you do, don't worry," Frohike says as she goes. Famous last words, and Frohike of all people should know better. Moronica shoots the boys a cautionary look and follows Scully out to the car.

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