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Provenance (1)

Scully and Moronica return to Georgetown to find Scully's street overrun by EMS personnel and cops, including Skinner. "What is it?" Moronica asks him. Skinner says nothing. "Is it John?" she asks. Again, nothing. Moronica goes running off to see what happened to her partner, though she certainly could have looked more concerned. I look more concerned when my handbag gets wet. And, hey, 1013? We're never going to believe that the two of them are in love. Friends, yes. But lurve? Not so much. Finally, Scully peels herself out of the car and stands and stares at Skinner. She shakes her head and runs around to the driver's side, leaping back into the car. "My baby!" she says, "They're after my baby! I have to get back!" She peels out. Skinner just stands there and wonders why nobody wants to talk to him.

Dark Alleyway. The Gunmen have loaded the baby into the car. Byers sits in the back with William, Frohike takes shotgun, and Langly's driving. That may be important, so make a note. They're pulling out of the alley just as Overcoat Woman's SUV pulls into it. "What the hell is this?" Frohike asks. "What the hell is what?" Byers wonders. Just as the words spill out of his mouth, Overcoat Woman shoots out the van's tires and the boys crash into a light post. William wails. Frohike is bloody, but moving. I can't see Langly at all. Overcoat Woman opens the van door and presses her handgun to Byers's skull. Byers! No!

To be continued!

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