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Scully finds an inordinate number of men waiting for her in Kersh's office. There's the man himself, of course, and Skinner. Dread Pirate Brad sits in the corner. DPB has hit the Miss Clairol, and hard. His hair is now a dull brown color, and instead of being plastered to his skull as per usual, it's all fluffy and pompadoured. I suspect one of the hairdressers has a little crush on Cary Elwes, and has concocted a new, time-intensive coiffure so as to keep him in the chair as long as possible so she can regale him with clever little stories and lean over and flash him her cleavage "accidentally." There are a bunch of other suits lolling around Kersh's office, too, including CSM's long lost brother, Toothpick-Chewing Man. Scully looks around and makes an even more exaggerated face of irritation. "Sorry to keep you waiting," she mutters. Kersh tells her to take a seat. "May I ask what this is about?" she asks, standing. Kersh repeats that she ought to take a seat. Scully smiles tightly and sinks into the chair in front of his desk. Someone closes the door.

DPB makes a triumphant return to his quest to create the most unusual amalgamation of British and American accents, and tells Scully that "Deputy Directeeeeer Kersh" has "ausked" her in because he'd like her to answer just a few little questions. Skinner stares at Scully intently as Kersh removes a large plastic baggie from his desk. It's full of pot...I mean, "the rubbings from the opening scene." "Do you know what this is?" Kersh asks. You can tell from the look on her face that Scully does, but she lies. "Should I?" Scully asks. "It's a simple question, Agent Scully. Do you know what this is?" DPB asks, peering in at her. TCM stares at her and gnaws at his toothpick. Scully takes the baggie and examines it blankly. "I'm not sure," she says. "But you've seen it before?" Kersh spits. Scully shoots him a mini-eyebrow and wonders if she's "under suspicion." DPB wanders around Kersh's desk, shrugging. "Assistant Directeeer Skinneeeer" told them that she might be able to ID it, he says. Skinner shoots Scully yet another inscrutable look. "You once worked on the X-Files," DPB reminds her. Scully's like, "Really? Because I forgot all about that. Excuse me, I'm meeting my sister for lunch." Actually, she snippily asks why DPB doesn't ask someone who's still working on the X-Files, in that case. "Because we're asking you," DPB responds. Everyone stares at everyone. "Where did you get those?" Scully finally asks. "They were found during an illegal border crossing in North Dakota. Canada to the U.S.," Kersh grits. Scully nods and asks who was doing the crossing. DPB snaps that they're the ones asking the questions. Kersh shoots him a quick glare. "What [DPB] is saying, Agent Scully, is that your cooperation is important to us," Kersh says. Scully mutters that she would be happy to cooperate. "I just wish you'd tell me who or what you are investigating," she says pointedly.

Basement level. The elevator dings open and Scully storms out and into the LBO. "Were you called about this? Did AD Follmer come down here?" she asks, stomping over to a file cabinet and rustling through the papers. Moronica and Doggett stare at her in silence for a moment. "Brad Follmer?" Moronica finally asks. No, Moronica. His sister, Kitty Follmer, the renowned interior decorator. Scully thinks the LBO needs a spot of chintz. Scully mutters something about DPB "going through the X-Files." Doggett doubts that DPB even knows where their office is. Despite the fact that DPB has made a series of snide "have fun in the basement"-type comments in the past. Finally, Scully emerges from the files and flips through a folder, looking thoughtful and sort of pissed. Moronica wonders what Scully's looking for. "These!" Scully says, pulling out one of her original rubbings from the African Spacecraft of Season Whatever That Was. Seven? Sure. Let's go with seven. Whatever. She runs down that whole storyline (sort of) for Doggett's and Moronica's benefit, and mentions that this morning she was shown an exact copy of one of her own rubbings. And she was asked to ID it! "What did you tell them about these?" Moronica asks. Sloooooowly. As is her wont. "Nothing," Scully says. "And what aren't you telling us?" Moronica asks. "That they're powerful," Scully finally admits. Doggett is skeptical. We knew that. "They're not just marks, Agent Doggett," Scully says. "It's writing. Words. Powerful words." And she thinks that because if the muckety-mucks are keeping this investigation secret, they must know that the words are powerful, too. And yet another scene ends with people Staring Meaningfully at each other.

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