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Scully's place, where the lady of the house is struggling into a glorious blood red leather trench coat. Ma Scully holds the baby and gives her daughter a dirty look. "It's the middle of the night, Dana. I just can't understand why it can't wait until tomorrow," she says. "It's important," Scully says. "Yes, I know, Dana. You say it's about getting answers," Ma Scully whines. "Answers about William, Ma," Scully says shortly. Ma Scully just shakes her head and wonders if getting answers would actually change anything, after all. "Ma, he's my child," Scully says impatiently. And you have to love him no matter what, Ma Scully says. Scully nods. "Dana, God has given you a miracle," Ma Scully continues, "a child that was not supposed to be. Maybe it's not to question. Just to be taken as a matter of faith." Scully just stares at her mother. "I'm not going to take this on faith," she says. "I need to know. I need to know if it's really God I have to thank." And then she storms out. I've been waiting for her to say that for two years. Two very, very long years.

Moronica's. She's thrown on a thermal top and a pair of jeans and is kneeling on her living-room floor, poring over the rubbings as Doggett watches and paces around. Finally Scully arrives, just letting herself inside. Note to Moronica: lock your doors. Seriously. You have no idea who's going to break in and shoot you or a family member in the head. "Where'd you get those?" Scully asks, looking over Moronica's shoulder. "I got them," Doggett says. "He's one of ours, working deep undercover. Some kind of religious group, a wacked-out UFO cult." Apparently, this wacked-out UFO cult started out in North Dakota but migrated to Canada as they got nuttier. Not that Canada attracts nuts, or anything. The Wacked-Out Cult just went to Canada to escape the Feds. ["I'm sure the favourable exchange rate had some bearing on their relocation, too." -- Wing Chun] And once the cult crossed the border, the FBI lost contact with Buck. They suspect that Buck "went over to the dark side and got wacked-out himself." Scully's all, that's the big secret? That, and the fact that Buck isn't really dead, Doggett says. Scully furrows her brow and says that she wasn't questioned about any agent -- just about the rubbings. "There's got to be something more," she murmurs. Moronica nods. She thinks there is, she says, but that the FBI doesn't even know it. Because the rubbings Doggett borrowed from the Skinman? Don't match the ones Scully took in Africa. Doggett and Scully tilt their heads, questioningly. "It can only be that this wack UFO cult found a second spacecraft," Moronica hypothesizes.

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