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Providence (2)

Hospital Chapel. Doggett sits and stares at the stained-glass window. Moronica comes in and takes a seat next to him. She's there to give him a ride home. "They told me you were in here," she says. They look at the gigantic figure of Christ on the cross for a moment. Moronica tells Doggett that she prayed for him while he was in his coma. He knows. They sit in companionable silence for a bit, then Doggett tells his partner that he heard a voice in his head while he was out. "It was talking to me. Telling me to get up. Telling me to warn Scully about this man. I mean, was it you talking to me?" he asks. Moronica shakes her head. She prayed for his life, she tells him, but that's all. Jesus Christ, Super(Soldier)star! Music twangs loudly as they stare at the cross. Speaking of God: dear Lord, when is this episode over?

FBI. HQ. Kersh. DPB. See, DPB is feeling a little weird about having signed the report into the investigation of Buck's death. Skinner didn't sign the report, he says. Kersh is all, "Yeah, but you did." DPB hems and haws and agrees that he did, but that he's uncovered new evidence since. The monitors Buck was attached to? Yeah, the hospital records show that Buck's vitals totally improved before he was taken off life support. "And you have an explanation for that, yes?" Kersh says. Well, no, DPB says. "And you want what?" Kersh asks. DPB wants to take his name off the report. "Maybe if you weren't so busy back-pedaling, [DPB], you might get me an explanation," Kersh spits. He stalks into his office as DPB stands in the hallway and looks emasculated.

Kersh's office. Someone is waiting for him. "I'm sure you heard all of that," he tells the someone. I wish it was CSM. But it's not. "Congratulations," Kersh offers. "It would appear that everything is dead but this case." TCM -- for it is he -- takes the file out of Kersh's hand. It's an X-File. He's sure he can "take care of it," he says. "Quite sure." He bends his head to look at the file and reveals the bumps on the back of his neck. Dum dum dum duuuum!

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