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Providence (2)

Cut to Buck, all hooked up to a respirator. He really doesn't look all that chatty. Enter DPB and Moronica. "He tried to tell you something? How is that possible?" she asks. DPB shrugs. "He didn't tell me exactly. He wrote it down." He hands Moronica a pad of paper. "I don't know what this means," she says, looking down at the paper. Neither does DPB. "But it means something. And I want to know what," he tells her. They stare at the note. It reads "jacket."

Moronica's apartment. "Just tell me where you got this," Scully says, waving the note in Moronica's face. "You know what it means?" Moronica asks. "[Buck] wrote this, didn't he?" Scully asks. She wonders how Moronica got hold of it. Moronica makes a face, and then admits that she got it under the condition that she share with the Feds what she learned about it from Scully. Scully curls her lip up like she just took a swig of turned milk, and hands it back to Moronica. "Take it," she says. Moronica is all, yes, but what does it mean? Scully stares at her and slowly explains that she's not going to tell Moronica anything. That way, Moronica won't be lying to the Feds when she pleads ignorance. Moronica, by the way, lives in what appears to be a potting shed. Scully takes off, muttering that she's going to the hospital. Moronica makes a series of offended noises, until Scully turns around in the doorway and quickly recaps last week's episode, blah blah blah, life-saving artifactcakes. Moronica chases Scully out the door and all the way to...

...the hospital. You guys? Confession time. I think I might not hate Moronica anymore. I mean, I still think that Annabeth Gish is the weak link as far as the acting on this show goes, and I really, really hate how slowly she talks, and I will never forgive the whale songs, ever, but I do like the fact that Scully finally has a real friend. I almost want to start calling her Monica. (I'm never going to call her Reyes.) Almost. Provisionally. Perhaps temporarily. I don't know. Anyway. The girls creep into Buck's room and stare at him lying in the bed, all respirator-y and whatnot. Scully looks at his life-support stuff, which beeps back at her. She takes the Piece of Spaceship (PoS) out of her leather jacket and holds it over Buck. His body starts to shake, his vitals perk up, and he suddenly reaches out and grabs her hand. "Oh my God, let go of my hand," Scully hisses. He doesn't. Scully tells Moronica to turn off his monitors, in order to alert someone to come in and save them. Moronica does, and Buck lets go of Scully's hand.

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