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Back to the Future. Or Whatever.

Which is, of course, the nanny-cam tape. As Doggett fetches the bear, Martin has a mini-flashback of his wife screaming. Whatever. They look at the tape. Martin can't understand why the murderer isn't on the tape, but Doggett comments that the tape actually makes him look more innocent than guilty. How so, you ask? Because his wife gets home at 4:17 AM. And, according to the ME, she was killed shortly after that. But Martin arrives on the scene after the sun -- reflected in a mirror -- was already up, much later than 4:17. "The killer turned off the tape," Martin realizes. He exposits that there was a remote control for the nanny-cam in the front table, but only he and his poor dead wife knew about it. "Are you sure about that?" asks Doggett.

If this was Law and Order, we would CHUNG CHUNG over to the Trina Galvez residence in Baltimore, at 12:36 PM. Doggett knocks. No response. He bangs on the door. Nothing. "FBI!" he yells. "I saw your car, I know you're in there!" he hollers. Because she couldn't have walked somewhere. Or gone somewhere with someone, in his or her car. Whatever. Trina, the nanny, opens the door a crack, reluctantly. Dude, this recap feels so long already. I almost miss the days in which I recapped Judging Amy and an entire scene could be summed up with: "Amy acts selfish. I love Vincent," and that was it. Of course, no one read those. And so this is better. But now my fingers hurt. Anyway. Martin accuses Trina of knowing all about the nanny-cam. Trina stammers that she wasn't even at the house that night. Doggett glares. "The first thing you were supposed to say is 'what nanny-cam?'" he spits, and breaks the door in with his manly, manly shoulder. Trina screams! Inside the house, natch, is Edward James NotOlmos, who tries to attack Doggett with a knife. Doggett cold-cocks him and cuffs him as Trina sobs to Martin that Edward James NotOlmos threatened her family! He made her give him the key card. Wah wah wah wah wah. Nice of you to let him kill your boss, instead. Martin just glares.

At the jail, Martin and Doggett discuss Edward James NotOlmos, who has a "full sheet" of prior convictions. Doggett and Martin wonder if Trina will testify against Edward James NotOlmos, and worry that he may have her so freaked out that she won't. Martin decides to go "talk to him." Doggett sniffs that "he only wants to talk to you."

In the interrogation room, Edward James NotOlmos reveals that he wanted to kill Martin's poor dead wife and frame Martin for it because Martin failed to reveal exculpatory evidence that would have set NotOlmos's imprisoned brother free. Instead, NotOlmos's brother is serving a life sentence for possession of $50 worth of crack. It was his third strike, you see. Martin doesn't give a damn; NotOlmos's brother was a dirtbag, and he was just doing his job. "Brady versus Maryland," Edward James NotOlmos spits. Martin looks taken aback. Edward James NotOlmos repeats himself, and exposits that that case established that a prosecutor has a duty to turn over exculpatory evidence. He spits that Martin had the word of three people that the jacket NotOlmos's brother was wearing when he was arrested -- the jacket with the crack in it -- didn't even belong to him. Martin looks bored. NotOlmos accuses Martin of suppressing evidence. He snarls that Martin broke the law, "because it was easy." Martin tells him wearily that if he pleads out to the murder of Martin's poor dead wife, he'll look into reducing his brother's sentence. "You want justice. So do I," Martin pronounces. "My brother is dead." NotOlmos snips. "Hung himself in his jail cell." Well, this is messy, ain't it?

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