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Back to the Future. Or Whatever.

Martin races home to find the police already in his empty apartment. The police are perturbed by the amount of knowledge Martin has about this non-case. Martin is perturbed by the fact that it's after 4:17 and the killer hasn't broken in yet. And that his poor almost-dead wife isn't home. The police promise to do a few sweeps of the neighborhood, and prance off, promising Martin that they're only a phone call away. Martin looks dejected, and calls his father-in-law, Al, asking if his poor almost-dead wife is with him. No. Martin hangs up on him. A lesson for you kids: don't hang up on your in-laws. They may later shoot you as you're being transferred to a maximum-security prison.

The door to Martin's apartment swings open. He waits, with a knife, in the corner. Of course, it's his poor almost-dead wife, who screams that he's scaring the hell out of her. Martin hisses that they have to get out of there right that second. Right that second, however, the door opens, again. Martin smushes his poor almost dead wife into their daughter's room and tells her to call the police. He gets back in position with the knife, but sees that the front door to the apartment is already open a crack. In other words, while he was pushing and hissing, the killer entered the apartment...

...and hid behind the bar. He leaps out from behind the counter, and starts to beat the hell out of Martin. They fight (tm Ace). While Edward James NotOlmos is on top of Martin, smacking him, Martin reaches for the big fat butcher knife murder weapon, but it is, as usual, just out of reach. His poor almost-dead wife pops out of the bedroom right at this moment and screams his name like a banshee. She races over to Martin, is promptly intercepted by Edward James NotOlmos and we all get to see The Flashback -- this time in proper, forward playing order. Her necklace breaks. Bead fall on the floor. She's pushed into the glass coffee table. Glass breaks. Martin, on the floor, grimaces. Edward James NotOlmos grabs Martin's poor almost-dead wife by the hair and makes like he's going to slash her throat. I admit I am a little freaked out. Just as he's about the draw blood, however, he's shot, in the nick of time, through the chest. And we can all thank that Agents Scully and Doggett for the supremely well-timed save. Martin and his poor live wife sob in one another's arms. Doggett looks confused. Scully looks monstrously bored. "You said something about a second chance," Doggett says. "Was this it?" Martin doesn't respond, but looks at Scully's watch. Which begins to tick forward, in the proper way.

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