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This episode is structured with title cards, like Fraiser, except really, really, really depressing. We open with "The Tip," and fade in on an overhead shot of a flickering streetlight. The Piano of Poor Dead Children, the Plight of Which Seems to Lead Men to Join the FBI hiccups in the background. Doggett, all alone, drives his car down a wet, dark street. He pulls up to the curb and checks the street address against a raggedy scrap of paper. He gets out of the car.

Doggett bursts into the abandoned building, looks around the waterlogged ground floor, and takes the stairs. The whole place is all very Se7en meets The Tenant (which is this alarmingly and brilliantly creepy Roman Polanski movie about a man who takes over the apartment of a woman who committed suicide -- or did she? -- and who slowly...well, I don't want to give it away. Suffice it to say, it is unnerving as holy hell). Doggett finally approaches the door of room 311 and is knocked to the ground by someone running out of the room. Doggett yells, but by the time he's peeled himself off the floor, the person is gone. Doggett wanders out into the hall and looks around, but sees nothing. He starts to look for his assailant, but is distracted by a strange noise in the room. It sounds like...flapping. Or chewing. Ew. Doggett goes into the room, and sees that one of the walls is freshly plastered. He puts his flashlight in his mouth and digs all ten fingers through the muck. Blood spills from the wall.


Quantico; Scully stands over a dead body and lectures to a group of students. "Jane Doe," she says, "Found last night entombed in a tenement wall by an agent who was following an anonymous tip." The camera pans across the students and lingers on a pouty, shifty-looking kid who'd be attractive if he didn't look like he had too many teeth for his mouth. He purses his lips violently as Scully explains that the Jane Doe was killed by three stab wounds, and had dirt and clay under her nails. Also? Rats had been eating her. "What else would help us find the killer?" Scully asks. "It's obvious, isn't it?" Polly PursyPants asks, violently sucking on his teeth. Scully raises a brow. "The chipped nail polish." Purse. "The drug store hair rinse." Purse. "This is a single woman, unemployed. That's why no one's IDed her." Hey, I'm a single woman and I was unemployed for eight months last year, and I assure you, PPP, that if -- God forbid -- someone had killed me and then bricked me up behind a wall with a bunch of rats, plenty of people would have come forward to identify me, so why don't you just shut up. God! Also, stop pursing your lips like that. Scully blinks, surprised. PPP asks about Jane Doe's blood alcohol level. ".04," Scully says. PPP shrugs. "She hooked up with the wrong guy at a bar," he says. Purse. "He killed her." Purse. Scully is rendered speechless. She may be wondering what the hell is wrong with this kid's mouth. "This man has killed before," PPP announces. "How do you know that?" Scully wonders. PPP gestures to a bruise on the victim's abdomen, saying that it's from the hilt of a knife. He thinks that the killer intended to off the victim with a single thrust of the knife, but missed: "Then he got mad. Like I said -- obvious." Purse. Everyone stares at him. Suckup. The Mulder action figure looks up from the coffee table, where he's cleaning his gun. "What's wrong with that guy's mouth?" he asks.

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