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Doggett bursts out of the interrogation room and into the hallway, where Moronica and DPB are waiting. He stalks past them and out of the building. DPB turns to Scully. "Well, he told us a story," Scully tells them. "Whether it's true...." She shrugs. "In other words, we're nowhere. Again," Moronica snarls, frustrated.

Doggett parks his car in front of the bar, and stalks inside. Regali sits alone with another glass of Jim Beam. Doggett pulls up a seat next to him and glares. "I'm not here as an FBI agent. I'm here as a father," he spits. "I want to know who killed my son." Regali says that he simply doesn't know. Doggett closes his eyes. "I like you, FBI. I really do. I'll tell you how it could have happened, hypothetically," Regali drawls. Doggett opens his eyes. He's clearly furious. "Say there was a guy, a businessman," Regali begins. "And say this businessman, in the course of doing business, has to associate with any number of thugs, sickos, and perverts. Bob Harvey, for example." Doggett's blue eyes must be burning a hole in the side of Regali's head. "Say this Bob Harvey likes little boys. Yeah, disgusting. Say one day, Bob Harvey sees a little boy riding a bike and he can't stand it. He grabs the boy." Doggett looks like he's about to pass out. "So Harvey takes the boy back to his place, only he doesn't tell the businessman what he's doing. The businessman walks in on him. You see what I'm saying, FBI? The boy sees the businessman's face, the businessman who never did nothing to this little boy." Doggett's face is white. "That's a problem." Regali sips his drink. Doggett is utterly stricken. "Well, every problem has a solution, right?" Regali continues. He takes a final swig of his drink, slides off his bar stool, and leaves the bar. Doggett is stunned, horrified and furious, all at once. Suddenly, he stands, draws his gun, and heads for the door.

Doggett's almost there when a shot ricochets through the air. Doggett races outside to find Regali dead on the ground, shot straight through the eyeball. A woman is screaming. Doggett turns. Behind him is DPB, still holding his gun. DPB's face is splattered with blood. He's twitching. It's a good look on him.

The final title card: "Release." Doggett and Barbara stand on a clearly Californian beach, the surf lapping over their feet. Doggett holds up the box of Luke's ashes, and lets the wind carry them into the ocean. Barbara wraps her arms around Doggett, her face puffy with unshed tears. Doggett's face is incredibly sad. They watch as the final remains of their child disappear. Barbara untangles herself and walks away, head down. Doggett stares into the horizon, tears teetering on the edge of his lashes. Finally, he turns and walks up a small hill to the car, where Moronica is waiting. He looks at her for a long moment and then pulls her into his arms for a long, tight hug. Behind his shoulder, she closes her eyes. Sniffle.

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