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Back at the morgue, Scully stares at the corpse. She makes her thoughtful face.

Doggett and Moronica enter Scully's office at the Academy. She's IDed the Jane Doe, she tells them. "So fast?" Moronica asks. Scully thinks that this woman was murdered by the same man who was behind the murder of a woman who was found in the alley behind a local bar a few weeks ago. Or something. She hands over those files. Doggett flaps through them and comments that Found in the Alley was killed with a single knife wound and dumped in a ditch, whereas Plastered Behind the Wall had three knife wounds and was...well, plastered behind a wall. Scully explains that she didn't connect the two for those very reasons. But the lab confirmed that the women were killed by the same weapon. Moronica wonders how Scully made the connection. Scully shakes her head and tells them she had nothing to do with it: it was one of her students. "That's an awfully astute observation," Moronica sputters. Doggett would like to know whether PPP had "any other insights." Because he's still wondering who tipped him off to the case in the first place. "This isn't an X-File. Not by a long shot," Doggett says. Scully shrugs. She thinks he still ought to "run with it."

Cut to Quantico's Forensic Training Facility in Virginia. Bodies and body parts are strewn over the grass like Easter eggs. Doggett and Moronica climb out of their car and approach PPP, who's examining an arm covered in maggots. Doggett calls his name. PPP just takes a big whiff of the arm and says nothing. Moronica's eyes get real big at this. Doggett glances over at her, raising his brows. "Is that part of the training here, cadet? Smelling body parts?" Doggett asks. PPP doesn't really answer the question, but instead rattles off a long description of the guy who used to be connected to the arm -- his job, how he died, blah blah blah. "Interesting," Doggett drawls. PPP sucks on his teeth for twenty minutes. Please tell me that mannerism is an acting choice, because if that guy's doing it all over the 1013 production offices, I fail to see how he could have been cast in the role. I can see the conversation now:

Chris Carter: Hey! That kid who works here is going to be that crazy guy in that one about Mulder's son.
Kim Manners: What?
Frank Spotnitz: Doggett's son.
Chris Carter: Who's Doggett?
Frank Spotnitz: The NEW GUY!
Kim Manners: [expletives deleted]

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