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Woodbury, Long Island; Barbara Doggett's house. The former Mrs. Doggett is played by the current Mrs. Patrick, whose name is also, by the way, Barbara. Barbara -- an attractive but not phony-looking blonde -- is futzing around in the garden. Doggett stands looking down at her. "How you doing?" he asks. But not like Joey Tribbiani. She looks up at him, sadly.

Doggett and Barbara go inside the house. Doggett looks around and makes pathetic small talk about the furniture. He's just breaking my heart. He looks so lost and depleted and sad. The awkward chit-chat continues until they drift into an uncomfortable silence. "You need to call first, John," Barbara finally says. "It kind of throws me when you just show up." Doggett apologizes, and promises "it won't happen again." I don't think this is the first time they've had this conversation. "I need to talk to you, Barb," he says. "It's about Luke. We've got a suspect." Barbara looks tired and pained. "Oh, God, John," she sighs. He knows, he says, but this time "it's a good one. It's different." Barbara finds this hard to believe. She wants to find the killer, too, she says, but she can't have him constantly stirring her life up like this: "Unless you know. Unless you absolutely know." He says nothing. "That's what I thought," Barbara says sadly. Doggett insists that she might have seen this guy -- that he might have been cruising the neighborhood. "Did you hear anything I said?" Barbara asks. Poor Doggett. Poor Barbara. Poor Dead Luke.

Apparently, Doggett talks Barbara into seeing a line-up, because here she is, looking at a line-up. Regali stands between two nondescript guys and looks bored. Barbara scans the row of men. Nothing.

Scully appears at the police station. She meets Barbara in the anteroom, and the women exchange pleasantries, Scully keeping a watchful eye on Doggett in the other room. He and Moronica are talking to a policeman. Moronica looks tired. Doggett is gesturing angrily. Scully sighs that Barbara must not have been able to make an ID. Barbara shakes her head and watches Doggett, who's yelling now. "You know he doesn't think clearly about this," Barbara says. "He can't." Blah blah blah he blames himself, blah. "I think if you could help him find the man who did this, he could move on," Barbara tells Scully. Scully says nothing, but thinks that she's really not that good at finding people, since her boyfriend was lost for over a year and all she did was wait around for him to fall out of the sky. Scully and Barbara watch Doggett and Moronica. "He and [Moronica] could have something together," Barbara offers. Like what? A Polish sausage sandwich? "He just won't let her in," adds Barbara. Scully literally rolls her eyes at this, but refrains from telling Barbara that Doggett's been traded to the other team.

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