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It's a shame about Ray

Scully and Doggett confab and agree that Vogel is telling the truth. In the midst of their conversation, Doggett spies Nora Pearce lurking in the hallway, then entering an office. They head out after her.

Inside the anonymous office, Nora, Queen of Amateurish Acting, is snooping through some files. She picks up the phone and dials, but Scully and Doggett burst in! Actually, they just open the door and walk inside. Why are you here? What are you looking for? Who did you call? Does anyone care? I just want to go to sleep.

Back at the Halfway House, the FBI has invaded, bulletproof vests and guns drawn and all. Blowsy Blondie is freaked out by these men and their weapons and races to her room, locking the door behind her. Of course, Ray is already inside, and he attacks and kills her. Yawn. I wonder how Luke Perry is going to do on Oz tonight. The FBI hammers on Blowsy Blondie's door. Ray looks like he's not quite sure what to do with himself.

Back to Nora. She looks pitiful, but I think it's because she keeps forgetting her motivation. Doggett and Scully glare menacingly at her. Beat her up! Beat her up! Our esteemed -- or not so much -- agents ask Nora what her husband's deal is, and reveal that he managed to elude the police after killing a volunteer. Smooth way of getting out of that jam, writers -- don't explain how he got away, just make it a fait accompli. "That's three people. Three people that he's killed. And for what?" Scully asks. I wonder how many takes that took before Gillian Anderson could get that line out with a straight face. The dialogue in this episode sounds like it was lifted straight from a 1932 melodrama, which gives me hope that Nora will end up tied to the train tracks soon.

Nora insists that "they" did it to him, that "they" made him a monster. Scully says that what happened was an unfortunate accident, and not the fault of anyone at Southside Salvage or Chamber Tech. She tells Nora that they know Ray sent her to the office to find out who's truly behind his nasty industrial poisoning accident. Nora pouts, "The Ray I know died." Shut up, Mannered McActressy. Doggett and Scully press Nora for the name of the person Ray believes is behind this entire kerfuffle. Nora simpers that she doesn't know the name. Doggett glares and decides to put her under 24-hour watch. I'm sort of confused, but not really caring about that.

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