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It's a shame about Ray

So the cops lock Nora in her house, but sadly neglect to gag her. Cue dramatic piano. She wanders around her house, not turning on the lights, getting a meatloaf sandwich, going to pee, or doing any of the things that normal people do when they get home. By the way, pacing = bad acting. Ray comes stumbling out of the shadows. He's totally all metal. I wonder if he'd rust if he stood out in the rain. He wants "the name." He needs "the name." Nora sighs. "No one else needs to die, Ray," she whimpers. Yeah, except her. Ray repeats that he NEEDS THE NAME. He grabs her wrist. She yelps.

Moments later, Nora scampers out of the house and screams to the police that Ray is inside the house. As the SWAT team swarms everywhere -- but with no luck -- she sobs that they need to "tell the FBI agents it's HARRIS! Ray's going to kill him!"

How does Ray know where to find these people, or what they look like? Did he also get some kind of psychic imaging ability, along with the totally metal body? I guess this is another one of those times when I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief and go with the incredibly painful flow. Anyway, Ray finds this Harris person driving his family somewhere, and he does that whole stand-in-the-middle-of-the-street thing, but Harris doesn't hit him, so he breaks the driver's side window and drags the poor guy out and starts to beat him up, and Harris wails that he's "just the accountant," like how did he know that had anything to do with anything, but whatever, and then the sounds of Harris' kids yelling in fear seems to get through to Ray, and he stares, and then he stops.

Cue ambulance, police, and Feds. Cue thoughtful stares from Doggett and Scully. Cue this incredibly bad bit of dialogue:

Doggett: It makes no sense. Ray Pearce was a determined killer, looking for someone to blame. Why stop here?
Scully: Wherever Ray Pearce went, the answer to that question went with him. But I can tell you why he came after Owen Harris. It was his name Nora found in the file. He was the accountant who authorized the shipment of hazardous materials to Southside Salvage.
Doggett: But if Owen Harris is the guy Ray holds responsible, why'd he let him live?
Scully: Well, I think that Nora Pearce may have been right. Her husband died, or at least his body did. Whatever killed those people was an abomination of a man. It was a machine.
Doggett: A machine? Come on, a machine doesn't know blame, Agent Scully.

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