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Scary Monsters

Back in the house, Jeffrey and Tommy watch the Feds get into the car. "Dad, the monsters aren't going to let those people leave, are they?" the kids asks. Jeffrey points out that they are leaving. "It's too late," Tommy intones. Because he's evil. Evil!

Yeah, so the car won't start. "The hell?" Doggett asks, as he tries repeatedly to get the engine to turn over. Blood -- or a blood-like substance -- splurts out of the air conditioning vents and goes all over all of them. Moronica yelps. Doggett and Leyla just look shocked. They scamper out and pop the hood. Moronica wonders if it was a possum, maybe, in the works. Doggett shoots her an incredulous look. "How'd it get from here into the vents?" he asks. Moronica shrugs. She doesn't know from possums. She also still has dried blood on her face, which is disgusting. And she's Moronica: she's disgusting!

Scully's. A knock at the door. It's "Gabe [someone or other]," a doofishly attractive young guy calls from the other side of what by this point ought to be an iron door. "I've got that thing you've been waiting for!" Scully makes a face at the closed door. "I'm a friend of Leyla Harrison?" Gabe says. And so Scully just opens the damn door and lets him in her apartment. Hey, nefarious kidnappers? Just tell Agent Scully that you're a friend of someone she knows only tangentially, and she'll let you into her apartment, where you can shoot her in the head like her sister and then kidnap her MiracleChildofGod/Aliens and steal her leather coat! It's so easy! "Do you know what time it is?" Scully hisses. Gabe shrugs that he just does what he's told. He holds out a cardboard box: "Enjoy!" Scully recoils once she gets a whiff of the box. "What the hell is that?" she asks. "Dead cat," Gabe says. "Come again?" Scully wonders. "Leyla said you needed it ASAP," Gabe says. "Hey, you're welcome!" Scully takes a deep breath and looks at her feet. "I'm going to be exceptionally polite," she begins. "Leave. Leave now. And take that with you." Gabe, instead, comes in and says he went though a lot to get the damned cat. "I don't care!" Scully hollers. "Leave, now! Please!" Gabe confesses that Leyla said she'd go out with him if he got Scully the cat and, look, he got the cat. Then he flips open the lid of the cardboard box. Scully covers her mouth with her hand, horrified, then leans in for a closer look at the dead kitty. Then she stomps over and picks up the phone. "You calling the cops on me?" Gabe squeaks. Scully rolls her eyes. "If only," she says. "God help me, but Agent Harrison might be on to something after all."

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