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Scary Monsters

Leyla tries to take Tommy up to his room -- and don't ask why they've suddenly decided against walking out of there. They know that something or someone is trying to keep them in the house (having sent a Golem Sheriff to convince them not to go) -- but fails. Having sussed out the weakest link in the adults, Tommy wants Moronica. She walks him up to his room. Doggett looks at Leyla and Jeffrey and drawls that maybe he "doesn't have the imagination to connect all the pieces of this insanity together," but Jeffrey told him it "wasn't exactly" the Sheriff at the door, and Doggett wants to know what the hell he was talking about. Jeffrey's mum. "You were trying to warn us! You were trying to help us," Doggett deduces, wondering why he won't help them now. Leyla begs Jeffrey to spill the beans, for Tommy's sake. Doggett rolls his eyes. Clearly, he doesn't think Jeffrey has Tommy's best interests at heart. "I love my son! I love my son, you bastard! I love my non-dead, too-early-to- know-if- he's-gay son!" Jeffrey tells him. Doggett points out that Jeffrey locked Tommy in a room full of mutant bugs from outer space. "Because I knew they wouldn't hurt him," Jeffrey explains. Doggett cocks a brow and points out that the bug things are certainly hurting everybody else.

Upstairs, Tommy is showing Moronica his drawerings. "I made this!" he coos. Just like the 1013 tag at the end of the episodes. I wonder how long Chris Carter's been waiting to toss that in. Moronica ooh and ahs, until the pictures turn gruesome. One of them depicts a brunette in agony, a giant bug in her stomach. "This one's you," Evil Tommy says. Hee. I'm sorry, that probably wasn't supposed to be funny. "Why would you draw this, Tommy? Why would you imagine such awful things?" Moronica asks. "Because I'm afraid," Tommy explains. Of what? His demon soul? His killer imagination? Impending whale songs?

Sheriff's station. Scully and Gabe stagger in from the snow, calling for the lawman. He finally emerges from the back, looking hale and hearty and holeless. Scully asks if he managed to get up to the Compound. He tells her that he tried, but that the roads are just too dangerous. "Sheriff, there are three FBI agents who may be in great danger," Scully says. "That's my girlfriend up there, Hoss," Gabe says. Oh, Gabe. I think I might love you. Hoss tells them that there's only one road, it's really icy, and he'd rather not die. Scully hisses that there "must be a way!" Hoss tells her that he doesn't have a helicopter, a snowplow, or a pack mule, so he really doesn't know what to tell her. Scully looks thoughtful.

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