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Sunshine Days

FBI Field Office; Los Angeles, CA. 7:08 PM. Shout-out? Probably not. Doggett and Moronica are in the field office, video-conferencing with Scully about her strange, strange autopsy. She tells them that NotBud was dead before he hit the car, and that she thinks it was flying through the roof that did it to him. Or maybe electricity. "Or maybe electricity is only the by-product. I'm not really sure," Scully mutters. Doggett and Moronica look perplexed, so Scully explains her weird experience with the tools. After getting shocked, she says, she wired NotBud to an EEG. And he's been putting off a faint reading all afternoon. "Are you saying he's not dead?" Moronica asks. Scully shakes her head, telling them that NotBud is "dead as a hammer," but that he's giving off some kind of "residual electricity....It's fascinating," she breathes. Moronica, of course, wonders what it all means. Scully tells them that if Mulder were there, he'd tell them that electrical waves often are thought to indicate the presence of poltergeists or ghosts, or paranormal activities of some sort. "That's what Mulder would say?" Doggett asks. Scully shrugs that, "at the end of the day," she wouldn't have any better explanation. And she certainly doesn't now.

Darkness falls. Outside the House of Maybe Brady, Bud plaintively pours a can of beer onto the ground. "Here's to you, buddy," he says, and takes one last swig. He tosses the empty over his shoulder. Then he heads right for the house, hopping the fence with agility remarkable in a foot-tall drunk guy. Bud peers inside the sliding glass door and whatever he...okay, I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore. I just can't. This is the penultimate episode of The X-Files and it's about The Brady Bunch? Think about it. No, think about it. Are we setting anything up for the finale? No. Talking about aliens? About CSM? Krycek? Scully's fertility? The black oil? Super Soldiers? The bees? The clones? The alien bounty hunters? Mulder's mysterious brain disease? Mulder, period? Hello? God! And 1013 promises that everything will be revealed in the finale? I have a feeling the only thing that will be revealed is my inner rage. Anyway. So Bud's all looking inside the house, and what does he see? Alice serving dinner to a table full of Bradys. Bud stumbles backward, freaked out. He runs around the yard and slams through the front door to the tune of the Discordant Music of I Can't Believe The Second to Last Episode Ever is About The Brady Bunch. Bud races into the dining area, finding the house still in full-on Brady mode, but abandoned. A bowl of mashed potatoes steam on the table. Mmmm, carbohydrates. Bud's standing there, trying to straighten this all out in his mind, when Oliver Martin comes out of a back room. "What is this, man?" Bud asks him. "What in the holy freaking hell is this, man?" Oliver calmly tells Bud to get out. Now. "They were here! I saw them! I saw them all!" Bud squeals. Oliver asks him to leave "before it's too late." Bud's still flailing his arms around. "I saw the Brady Bunch!" he yelps, right before he starts to levitate off the ground. "Oh my God, what are you doing?" he asks. Oliver just watches as Bud crashes through the ceiling. Roof tiles fall every where.

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