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Sunshine Days

Over at Oliver's house (The Non-Brady Version), the lonely little man is patching the ceiling. Again. The Sad Piano of Sad Psychokinetic Men tinkles mournfully in the background. He climbs off the ladder, stares sadly out the window, and then closes the drapes. He turns and smiles, and his décor magically turns into Bradyland. Laughter floats down the stairs, followed by all six of the Brady kids. They zip past Oliver, greeting him cheerfully one by one. Oliver looks pleased, but the phone rings and snaps him -- and the house -- back to reality. He lets the machine take the call, which turns out to be Dr. Anspaugh. "I'd really like to catch up," Dr. Anspaugh says. "Obviously, you're all grown up now. It's funny -- I have trouble picturing that." Oliver listens sadly. The ladder behind him starts to shake. The phone flies off the counter and lands on the floor, impaled by the trowel Oliver had been using to spread the plaster on the ceiling. Oliver turns and stares at his now dead telephone.

The Field Office. Dr. Anspaugh taps nervously on the phone. "I guess he's not home," he offers nervously. "He's home," Doggett snaps. "Aha!" Moronica breathes. She's sitting behind them at a computer. She turns and tells the assembled that she was wondering why Oliver would change his name. And the new one sounded familier, so she ran it. "Through what, NCIC?" Doggett asks. "No, a Brady Bunch website! It popped right up," Moronica chirps. Blah blah Cousin Oliver, blah. "You're speaking Greek to me" Doggett drawls. "What does this case have to do with an old TV show?" Moronica reminds him that Bud said the inside of Oliver's house looked just like the Bradys' groovy pad. "Just connecting A to B to C," she smiles. Doggett grins back at her and turns to Scully and Dr. Anspaugh, wondering whether this makes any sense to them. Dr. Anspaugh admits that he and Oliver did used to watch The Brady Bunch together. Moronica wonders why Oliver picked the name he did, especially since the character of Cousin Oliver was a giant pesky pain in the butt. "A jinx," Scully pipes up. "Cousin Oliver, the jinx." Everyone stares at her. "So maybe I watched an episode or two," she admits. She wonders if maybe Oliver's choice of names speaks to his view of himself: trouble, cursed, a jinx, unlucky, star-crossed. Doggett leans against a desk and asks whether this name-change thing will help them bust Oliver. But Scully hopes it won't come to that. Oliver's power, she says, is "extraordinary. It needs to be studied." Dr. Anspaugh nods, telling Doggett and Moronica that studying Oliver could "expand the scope of human knowledge. It could change everything." I've heard that one before. Doggett and Moronica just look at Scully "I've been working this unit for nine years now," Scully reminds us. "I've investigated nearly two hundred paranormal cases. We are due for some incontrovertible truth. I want vindication," she says. "For Mulder and for all of us." Yeah, good luck with that. Staring.

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