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You're the Man Now, Doggett!

Muldervision. Kevin drools, and shudders. Duchovny must have had a good laugh between takes, because he nailed the awed expression this time. Kevin begins the soul-eating jaw action.

Doggett tells The Blonde that Mulder didn't go through with the whole getting-eaten thing, and he wonders why. He kneels next to her, as she tells him that Mulder wanted to put Kevin out of his misery and end his suffering. "Mulder killed him," Doggett parrots. "He couldn't bear to add to its pain," she agrees.

In Flashback World, Mulder shoots Kevin, three times.

Doggett looks at The Blonde. She tells him that Kevin wants to die, but he can't. And she's tried to keep him secret, but now that the townspeople know he's back, they'll keep using him. And his suffering will never end. Nor, apparently, will mine. Doggett makes his thoughtful face. The Blonde looks up at him, teary-eyed. Suddenly, Kevin is standing in the corner of the room. It's Doggett's turn to look amazed.

Hot Diggity Doggett helps the slobby spitty shaman into back seat of his Sensible Car. He looks at Kevin's face. Kevin just shudders. Doggett sort of tenderly closes the car door, and turns to go. Just in the (not) nick of time, Shifty pulls up, posse in close pursuit. They all pile out of their cars, but leave the high beams pointing at Doggett. Calmly, he informs them that, speaking as a federal officer, he wants them to get out of his way. Shifty adjusts his holster, and informs Doggett that he's not going to let him take the shaman. "This is a man," Doggett says. "He doesn't belong to anyone." Back and forth with the "I'm taking him" / "no, you're not" thing. While I admire Doggett's desire to set Kevin free, I wonder what the hell he's planning to do with him. Keep him as a particularly unhygienic roommate? Drop him off at the Halfway House for Soul-Eating Healers? Well, at any rate, he's determined to leave Squamash with him, and he says so, and turns to go. At which point Shifty shoots him in the back. Doggett falls down, dead. Well, I didn't see that coming. Shifty turns Doggett's body over, and sort of nudges him with his toe. In the melee, Kevin has escaped. Curses! "It'll come back. It always does," Shifty says, grumpily.

Shifty and his posse bury Doggett in a shallow grave in the middle of the woods. The fog billows around them. It's dramatic.

The Blonde watches from porch, unseen by the men.

Oh, it's time for more Wacky POV shenanigans! This time, we're all seeing through the eyes of Poor Dead Doggett. First, there's ooze. Then a mouth, with some very bad teeth, chewing stuff. Skin-like stuff. Then some more blood. Some more drool. Some more really big, crooked teeth.

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