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You're the Man Now, Doggett!

The Faceless Man leaves the house. Conveniently, this moment has been shot from inside the car, and the swish-schwacking windshield wipers obscure his face. The Faceless Man heaves the car door open, plops inside, and sets the gun down on the passenger seat, although he doesn't let go of it. The camera focuses on his hand -- and it's so Mulder's hand, y'all. The camera travels up his arm, to his face. Bingo. Mulder stares at the gun. He looks a little deranged. He gazes out the windshield at the house, sets his jaw, reverses out the driveway and splashes down the road.

Credits. Welcome back, Duchovny, you magnificent bastard.

Daylight. A similarly Sensible Car sails down the highway, Doggett at the wheel. Lost in thought, Doggett does the Eye-Narrowing Face of Remembering. Scully's voice comes floating out of the ether to say, "Mulder was dying. It's right here. For a year, he was going to doctors." Um, like he wouldn't have gone to her, first, if he was having brain problems. Or like she wouldn't have noticed that something was wrong with him. Very rarely does something go wrong with someone's brain without any symptoms whatsoever, and if Mulder were having problems speaking, or complaining of headaches, surely Scully, a medical doctor, would have had an inkling that something was wrong. Does no one watch ER anymore? Doggett flashes back to the season premiere, as Scully tearfully shows Mulder's medical records to an ashen Skinner. Something else I can't buy? That Scully automatically accepts these medical records -- presented to her by a source that's not totally reliable, no less -- as fact. Medical records can be falsified. I mean, look what they did to Ethan's birth certificate on Passions, making him look premature, and, thus, the heir to the Crane fortune, and not the illegitimate son of Sam Bennett, the world's stupidest police chief, when, of course, he is the result of Sam and Ivy's forbidden love, conceived on her wedding night to another man. Doggett sighs, and flashes back to yet another moment from the season premiere, a discussion he had with Scully:

Doggett: How well did you really know him? How far would Moooolder go?
Scully: How far would he go for what?
Doggett: The truth. His truth.
Scully: Eyebrow.

Back behind the wheel, Doggett furrows his brow. The flashbacks continue as he remembers when he promised Scully that, despite their personal differences, he's committed to tracking Mulder down. In the flashback, Scully dully gazes out at him from her seemingly constant stint in a hospital bed. In the present, Doggett grits his teeth, makes his determined look, and speeds into Squamash. Still no time or date stamps.

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