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You're the Man Now, Doggett!

At the Hangemuhl homestead, Paul paints that same symbol on his front door, in what looks like animal blood. As he puts the finishing touches on his crafty project, Shifty pulls up behind him, bails out of the car, and urges him to "move fast." Paul looks shell-shocked. "She's not ready yet!" he protests. Shifty makes a grim face. "She better get ready," he responds. They hustle inside...

...where Marie is removing her wedding and engagement rings and carefully sets them on the mantle. She looks awfully sick, and frightened. Paul comes up behind her and touches her gently. She turns to him, and tells him that she can't do it. Paul reminds her that they have no other choice. Softly, Shifty tells them that "it's time," as cars begin to pull up outside the front door. Marie and Paul embrace. He kisses her forehead. Outside, the posse begins to unload Kevin from the back of the car. Kevin snuffles. Inside, Paul helps Marie remove her nightgown. She lies down on hardwood floor. The music gets all swirly, as Paul leans over her. They kiss. A tear runs down her cheek. "I'll be waiting for you," Paul whispers. Marie musters a brave smile and reclines.

Outside, the posse sets Kevin free, guns drawn. He yelps and sniffs.

Kevin comes to her inside the house, snuffling and drooling. She cries out. Kevin stands over her, and for a moment, I think this is some awful sex thing, but he's actually just eating her. Literally. Alive. Kevin drools on Marie's shoulder. She looks terrified, as he howls and makes an American Werewolf in London jaw maneuver.

Outside, the posse and Paul can hear Marie scream.

Inside, Kevin takes a big meaty bite of Marie's shoulder.

Later, Doggett and Skinner arrive at the Hangemuhl house, too late for dinner. Paul wearily answers the door with a rag in his hand. He tells them that he wants to go to bed, so if they could just conduct their business later....Doggett hypothesizes that Paul knows why Mulder shot someone in his living room, and that Marie knows, too. Paul looks stressed and tired, and tells them to get the hell out of his house. Skinner, crafty man that he is, decides that he'd like to talk to Marie. He spots a small pool of blood in the corner of the living room and glances at Doggett. "Looks like you missed a spot, Mr. Hangemuhl," Doggett snarls.

Deep in the catacombs beneath the town (I know; who knew there were catacombs? I'm just relaying what I see here, people), Kevin, doubled up, retches. The camera pulls back to reveal that Kevin is vomiting. Vomiting up Marie. Vomiting her up into a cookie cutter woman shape. Gnarly.

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