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You're the Man Now, Doggett!

Back at the Hangemuhl's, the Sheriff arrives with crime scene investigators right behind him. The Oboe of Regurgitated Wives wails piteously in the background.

Flashbacktastic! Mulder gets out of his own Sensible Car, in the rain. It's just like the opening scene, but this time we get to see Duchovny's face. He walks into the Hangemuhls' house, sees Marie looking frightened, and discharges his weapon.

Back in the present time, Doggett and Skinner continue to discuss the case, as forensic experts swarm around them. Doggett tells Skinner that Paul is adamant that he never hurt his wife. Skinner's not surprised that Paul is denying everything, but Doggett buys his story. He tells Skinner that he doesn't think Mulder would kill anyone unless he was doing it to protect someone else. He thinks that Mulder was trying to save Marie from the man in the now empty grave. Skinner looks thoughtful, and tells Doggett that the CSI found something he better take a look at: the symbol Paul painted in blood on the front door. Skinner and Doggett put two and two together and realize that this symbol is also the one on the grave.

Because they don't want to call Scully, or something, Skinner and Doggett fire up the laptop and teleconference with the Lone Gunmen, who are in their jammies. They wearily inform Skinner and Doggett that they learned what they could about the symbol on such short notice. Doggett takes them in. "You wearing pants, Langly?" he asks. Langly looks abashed. "Uh, yeah," he says, and scoots out of camera angle. Okay, okay: hee! Byers informs the boys that the symbol is probably what is known as a medicine wheel, a symbol for healing associated with Native American shaman. The symbol represents the continuum between life and death, sorrow and happiness. But why was it painted on the door? Langly strides back into the shoot, buttoning up his pants. "That's the part that calls for conjecture, Agent Dogbird," he says, explaining that legend has it that the shaman -- what is known as a "soul-eater" -- can minister to the sick and literally consume their illnesses. The symbol is painted on the door of a sick person's house as a summons. Doggett tells Skinner that the man in the empty grave must have been a shaman. He bids the Gunmen farewell and hops into the Sensible Car, leaving Skinner behind to deal with Paul Hangemuhl and the CSI.

Cabin in the Woods. The Blonde silently lets Doggett inside. He tells her that he wants to know what she knows about the body she found in the woods last May. She says nothing. Doggett recaps the Mulder situation for her, briefly, and caps it off by telling her that Mulder believed the body was a soul-eater. "Maybe it was," she says. "You believe it, too. You put stones on top of grave," Doggett says, connecting the dots. The Blonde tells Doggett that for hundreds of years someone has been taking care of the soul-eater, and that it will always be thus. Doggett tells her that he believes Mulder killed Kevin the Soul-Eater to protect Marie from it. The Blonde looks at him blankly and informs him that he's got it all backwards. Doggett just raises his eyebrows at her. He finds a trap door underneath one of her rustic rag rugs, opens it, and crawls inside. She just stares after him.

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