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The Truth, Part I

Twenty-five long expositional minutes later, Skinner establishes that, somewhere along the way, Scully started to believe in "extra-terrestrial life" and a conspiracy inside the government to keep that alien life a secret. (This trip down Exposition Highway is sponsored by various educational clips from episodes past: alien babies in liquid nitrogen, Deep Throat getting shot, the usual). Skinner leads Scully down the garden path of the mytharc, beginning with the assumption that all human life is extra-terrestrial by definition. Dale would like to know what this has to do with Mulder killing that dude. Skinner informs him that Scully will prove that the government has been covering up the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Wow, she will? How exactly is she planning to do that? Because if it's that easy, I don't see why she had to wait until Mulder was all on trial for his life and shit, instead of whipping it out to The New York Times three years ago. Kersh yelps that "the government is not on trial," but Skinner counters that the government's actions are integral to his defense.

Then Skinner gets back into it. "So, a meteor crashed to earth," he says, "and along with the biological building blocks on it, there was something else. An alien virus." Scully agrees, and explains that said virus infected early man and transformed his physiology (this is accompanied by shots of Grok and MaGrok mucking around in the black oil during the opening scenes of the movie). "Into something else?" Skinner prods. "Into an alien life form himself," Scully says. Skinner'd like to know what happened to this form of alien, so Scully tells him they died during the ice age (wasn't the ice age prior to the advent of early man? I honestly don't know, since all of my knowledge of the early stages of life on this planet comes from the stuff Ross Geller says on Friends). According to Scully, the virus lay dormant underground until it surfaced "during our current geological period." Skinner asks if the government knows about all of this alien hoo-ha. Scully informs him that the government "became aware" in 1947, when a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. "The virus thrived underground in petroleum deposits," she explains. "It has sentience. It can think. It has the ability to communicate. And it communicated with the UFOs." This revelation is accompanied by further relevant clips: the oil drifting across the eyeballs of the kid in the movie, across Krycek's eyes, across the eyes of the Alien Bounty Hunters. I feel like I ought to be taking notes, but I think I know all this, since I've been watching this show for more than twenty minutes. "And the government knows this, too?" Skinner asks. Scully glances over at Mulder. He watches her proudly as she explains that the government captured aliens from the Roswell crash and salvaged various alien technologies from them (cue shots of CSM and Bill Mulder, looking shifty and uncomfortable, respectively, and staring at strange bits of...you know, alien stuff). "They learned about the alien plan to recolonize the earth," Scully testifies.

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