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The Truth, Part I

Anyway. Mulder is under the impression that this whole thing is "greater" than either of them. Scully makes some noise to the effect that she's sure that's very nice, but she hasn't had sex for a very long time and she'd like him to at least get out of jail so she can get laid again before she dies. "This is about everything we've worked for for nine years, the truth we've both sacrificed so much to uncover and to expose," Mulder tells her. Scully finally yelps that he needs to "take the stand" and tell everyone whatever it is that he's been withholding. "Take the stand and hit them with it, full force," she tells him. Yeah! Full force! Come on! Come on! "I can't," Mulder tells her. Scully glares at him. "You say this is greater than us, and maybe it is," she snaps. "But this is us fighting this fight, Mulder, not you." Go, sister friend! She adds, "You and me. That's what I'm fighting for, Mulder -- you and me." Scully gives him the full-on girlfriend stink-eye. Mulder just sort of shakes his head and looks at her helplessly. Scully slams her hand on the ground, crawls to her feet and storms out. Mulder grimaces. Yeah, well played, buddy. I have a feeling that I know who's going to be wearing the pants in this relationship if you ever get out of the pokey, and it's not you.

"Get up," a male voice barks. Mulder's all, "Huh?" And X walks out of the darkness. Mulder makes a "neato!" face and asks what X is doing there. Since he's, you know, dead and all. X grouses that he's there to ask Mulder the same question. "I'm putting the truth on trial," Mulder says. Clunk. "What truth? Whose truth?" X asks. "Do you think these men will even hear it?" I must admit that while a lot of the dialogue here is enormously clonky (and I suspect Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz had a bet to see how many times they could work the phrase "the truth" into the script), I'm very excited to see some old friends. And X is fierce, yo. With the writing in blood when he died? That was sweet. I've never been happier to be unspoiled. Okay, I'll be happier in the recap of Part II, but let's pretend I don't know that right now. Mulder says something to the effect that the government flunkies are afraid or some shit that I didn't hear because I was too busy squealing about X. "They're not afraid," X says. "They have too much power to be afraid. You're going to learn that. I did. And this time, it's your thoughtless honky ass on the line." Well, maybe not so much that last part. "You'll die learning that," X actually tells him. Mulder looks up at X and announces that he's not afraid to die. Mulder and his damn martyr complex. It's pretty heartless of him to be so willing to die and leave Scully utterly alone, just because he's got a hard-on to prove a point. Don't get me wrong: I'm thrilled Mulder's back. But I forgot how immature and self-absorbed he can be. Good thing he's so extremely pretty. "There's a truth even you're afraid to speak now, because you know it's futile," X tells Mulder. Mulder corrects him: "Because I refuse to accept it," he says. X tells Mulder that he needs help. "How can you possibly help me?" Mulder asks. X rolls his eyes and hands Mulder a Post-It (it's nice to know they have office supplies in the afterlife, because I'm really pretty attached to my red Rollerball pen). Written on the Post-It is Marita Cornucopia's address. She's right on Maple Street, in Annapolis. So, basically, Skinner didn't look for her at all. I'm surprised he didn't run into her at Starbucks. Mulder looks at the note, then up at X. But X is gone. Mulder furrows his brow.

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