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The Truth, Part I

Then Marita explains how the renegade aliens (who sewed up all their facial orifices to avoid contamination) burned the Syndicate to high heaven. We know all this! We know! They're dead! Except CSM. And Strughold. Who's probably still sitting in Tunisia, waiting for someone to call him and tell him what to do with all that corn. Skinner asks what Marita's so scared of now, given that all the men she worked for are nothing more than charcoal briquettes. "Because the conspiracy continues," Skinner answers for her. "Just in another form, by other men." Dale objects that Skinner is answering his own questions. Skinner yelps that Noel Roaoaoaoaoaor is one of these men -- an alien in the form of a man; a super soldier. And he thinks Marita can prove it! Skinner looks at her expectantly. She's silent. A hand appears on Mulder's shoulder. A real, human hand. It's Krycek. "They'll kill her," he says. To Marita, Skinner's all, "I asked you a question." Marita says nothing. This shot, by the way, is quite clever: Skinner glares at Marita in the foreground, and in the background, Mulder stares up at nothing. He jumps in, finally. "No!" he says. Skinner furrows his brow. "It's okay, let her go," Mulder says. Skinner, needless to say, thinks this is a very bad idea, but Mulder assures him that it doesn't matter. Skinner shrugs. "I got nothing else," he says. Dale has no questions. Marita looks at Mulder gratefully as she goes.

Doggett enters the courtroom, giving Marita a long appraising look before he heads over to confab with Skinner. What? He has eyes. Skinner and Doggett discuss something quietly, then Skinner announces that he'd like to call an unscheduled witness. They bring in Gibson. "No, not him!" Mulder yells. Skinner places a hand on Mulder's shoulder. "You don't understand, I'm trying to protect that boy," Mulder husks. Skinner's all, "Too damn bad." Gibson takes a seat. He testifies first that Mulder is his friend (Mulder smiles kindly at him, here), and that Gibson hid Mulder in the desert last year. I must say, I never thought of Mulder hiding out with Gibson, but it makes sense, and it's kind of nice. Both of them seem to have the tendency to isolate themselves, and it's nice that neither one of them was all lonely for the past year. Blah blah chess, blah blah brain, blah blah "Cut to the chase, Mr. Skinner." So we talk a little bit about more stuff we already know, like how Gibson's junk DNA is all turned on and he can read minds and the junk DNA is all alien and stuff. "The kid reads minds?" Dale asks. "He's reading your mind right now," Mulder snarks. Gibson calmly looks at Dale. "And the minds of the judges?" Dale asks. Yes, apparently, although Gibson doesn't prove it, as he easily could do and as he did in the episode where we first met him and he told all the child psychologists what they had for breakfast. "Even his," Gibson says, pointing at Toothpick Chewing Man. "What makes him so special?" Dale asks. "He's not human," Gibson replies calmly. And Mulder goes ballistic, leaping up and screaming that he wants TCM examined, and that they need to listen and they're all afraid of what he knows! Afraid! Of what! He knows! The guards come and drag Mulder's screaming ass toward the door. "You're afraid of the truth!" Mulder yells. Gibson shoots TCM an apprehensive look as the door slams on Mulder's cries.

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