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The Truth, Part I

More running. This facility is enormous, and completely underground. Eventually, Mulder arrives at a steel door, the lock of which he picks with his own Handy Dandy Lock-Picking Kit. Do they hand those out on your first day at the academy? Because Doggett has one, too. Maybe they give them to you when you get assigned to the X-Files. Maybe I should get one. It might come in handy, you know? Mulder quietly pushes the door open and sneaks inside, placing the lock pick back into his breast pocket. He walks out on a catwalk overlooking a laboratory. It's sort of like The Initiative, in Buffy, except with more flattering lighting and walls suitable for rock-climbing team-building exercises. Mulder peers down into the lab. Below him, people scurry around; the suits are being given what looks like a tour while scientists do...you know, science-y things -- looking through microscopes, running around in white coats, the usual. Men in fatigues walk around holding guns and make menacing faces. It's basically your usual top-secret military laboratory devoted to studying alien DNA and making humans into a slave race. Mulder looks around, slightly nervous, and obviously thinking. He heads down a flight of stairs to a lower level of the catwalk, where he walks calmly for a few yards before bursting into a trot.

An access card -- filched from I know not whom -- lets Mulder into yet another underground hallway. This one leads him into a small room devoted to a very large clear plasma-screen computer monitor and a tiny little keyboard. I don't know why the monitor is so large. Maybe it doubles as a projector? Why I am even worried about this part of the plot? Anyway, Mulder sits at the keyboard and watches encrypted material stream across the screen. Looking thoughtful, he taps in a password. Then another. And another. Eventually -- and probably right before the system locks him out -- one works. The computer beeps, and the word "Endgame" pops onto the screen. Mulder is clearly surprised to see this. He shifts, hits a button, and is prompted for an access code. Which he types in, easily. Classified information begins scrolling across the screen. It reads: "December 22, 2012. The date set for mobilization of alien forces." Mulder blinks. He gulps. I make a note in my calendar.

Suddenly, a key card shoots through the door, which swings open to reveal our old friend, former CIA operative and everyone's favorite super soldier, Noel Rooooooaaaaaoooooooor. He stalks into the now seemingly vacant room, coming to a halt in front of the computer screen. He switches off the monitor and turns around just before Mulder cold-cocks him from behind. Despite being caught off-guard, Noel Raoaoaoaoaaaaorooooorrr quickly gains the upper hand, grabbing Mulder by the windpipe. He shifts to a wrestling stance, one hand on Mulder's shoulder, the other on his thigh. He tosses Mulder twenty feet across the room and through the computer monitor. Mulder shields his pretty, pretty face as glass goes everywhere. After the mess settles, Mulder leaps to his feet, and runs. Noel Roooooooaoaaaaaaar is hot on his heels.

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