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The Truth, Part I

Last. Credits. Ever. There's no change to the tagline, which surprises and disappoints me. At home, Chris Carter turns to his wife. "Shit! I knew there was something I forgot to do," he says.

We're in some kind of prison. A scary, secret, buried-deep-under-the-earth military prison, not some cushy white-collar joint or gritty Oz-type thing. Mulder's wearing a really ugly but probably very comforable orange jumpsuit. He lies on the floor in the fetal position. A Marine comes in and gets right into his face. "What are you thinking?" barks the Marine. "Where am I?" Mulder mutters, dazed. The Marine chuffs him with a baton. "Wrong answer!" he yells.

Next time: "What are you thinking?" "I'm thinking about getting the hell out of here." "Wrong answer!" This time, Mulder gets walloped in the gut. He collapses, moaning. He's not as young as he used to be, you know. The Marine turns to go. He turns back. "No sleeping!" he yells.

Time passes. The door opens. Mulder blinks in the bright light. "What are you thinking?" "About my son. About his mother." Ahhhhh, yeah. He better mean Scully, though, and not some chippie he married and knocked up while he was gone. Bang! "Wrong answer."

Round four: "What are you thinking?" "What do you want from me?" Mulder sighs. "Wrong! Answer!" the Marine yells, punctuating each exhalation with a smack of the bat. Oh, man, they're brainwashing Mulder! The Marine raises the baton one last time and Mulder grabs it. They tussle, and the military man eventually gets the upper hand, pressing the weapon against Mulder's windpipe. "I want answers, you hear me? I want answers!" he grits. I think that guy posts on the forums. Mulder grunts and pushes him off. The Marine slams out of the cell.

And...back in again! "No sleeping!" the Marine says. Mulder's lying naked on the cement floor, sort of sleeping, I guess. I can't image you could sleep all that well if you're being held in a mysterious military prison, no matter what you're wearing. Or not wearing. "Did you hear me?" the Marine asks. Mulder says quietly that he did. "What are you thinking?" the Marine asks. "What should I be thinking?" Mulder asks. "You're a guilty man. You entered a government facility illegally in search of NON-EXISTENT INFORMATION! You failed in every respect!" the Marine yells. "Say it!" he commands. "I am a guilty man. I failed in every respect," Mulder parrots quietly. "I deserve the harshest punishment for my crime." The Marine holds the bat above him threateningly. Mulder closes his eyes, broken. The Marine doesn't hit him, but leaves instead, slamming the door behind him. Mulder sighs.

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