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The Truth, Part II

Dale's witness. Dale kicks off his line of questioning by kissing Doggett's tired ass, saying that he'd never "doubt [Doggett's] integrity." Just as he knows that Doggett doesn't doubt Mulder's integrity. Doggett glares at him. Dale walks around the courtroom a bit, pondering his plan of attack and finally wonders if Doggett really thinks the Super Soldiers are aliens, the way Mulder does. "He believes they're aliens, you know," Dale repeats. Doggett shifts in his chair, as Dale muses that "the idea of an alien conspiracy" must be hard for Doggett to swallow. Doggett doesn't say anything, but he does look guiltily over at Mulder. Dale has one last question: "Agent Doggett, isn't it true that you and Assistant Director Skinner are lovers and you're trying to adopt a love child?"

It's Moronica's turn to take the stand. Skinner yammers a bit about her background covering cases involving Satanic ritual abuses and the fact that she never prosecuted one. Dale anemically objects, reminding Skinner that they're "prosecuting a man for murder, not taking a trip down memory lane." Oh, is that so? Because you could have fooled me. Skinner explains that he's establishing that Moronica is "level-headed on strange and extraordinary cases." If you say so, Skinman. He also announces that Moronica can offer "hard proof of the alien conspiracy!" And again I ask: since when does anyone have hard proof of anything on this show? Their lack of proof has sort of been the whole point of this entire exercise. And so then we talk a bit about Scully having to give birth in front of a bunch of crazy-ass strangers last year. Which we remember. Since it was a mere year ago. Moronica explains that everyone came to understand that William was a kind of "miracle child." First of all, no one came to understand anything about William. Second, is he a MiracleChild or an AlienBaby? Or a MiracleAlienBaby? Or...right, I've washed my hands of this. Moving right along. Moronica adds that that William's birth was all important to "these so-called Super Soldiers, who [Moronica believes] are humans replaced by aliens."

Dale wonders why Scully's kid would be important to the aliens. I'm just going to take a little nap while we talk about this, okay? Moronica explains that "Scully was one of a number of random women who had miraculous childbirths." No shit. Did you watch Angel this year? Oy, poor Strega. Not to mention Theresa on Passions is having a demon child with a tail. Moronica says that these women had all been abducted as part of a government program to manipulate their biology secretly, and then used as surrogate mothers for alien babies, to create a slave race. But...William's not an alien, is he? I thought he was supposed to be the leader of the...until he...but because Mulder....and that prophecy....and then Krycek said that thing last season about how he...but he's...with the magnetite...is he...ouch, my head. I'm seriously dropping it now. I am. "You say Scully gave birth to one of these alien babies," Dale says "How can you be so sure of it?" Moronica explains that William can move shit with his mind. "I saw him display amazing powers," she says. Dale chirps that he would really love to see a demonstration of that! Moronica explains that William was "given up for adoption to an anonymous family." Mulder looks sadly at his lap. Dale nods. "She gave up the miracle child? The proof of everything that she and Mulder claim they risked their lives for for over the last nine years?" he asks. "She just sent it off, to some strangers?" This very reasonable -- although somewhat snide -- line of inquiry gets Moronica's dander up. "Yes! To protect him!" she snaps. That's all Dale needs to hear; he takes a seat. Moronica fumes. She leaps out of her chair. "You don't care about that child, or what Scully had to sacrifice!" she yells. "You're only too happy she had to give it up, so there's no proof!" Kersh mildly asks her to cram it, but Moronica just turns on him. "You don't care what these people have sacrificed over the past nine years!" she cries. "What's been lost to their cause! You make a mockery of it, glad that it proves your point." Kersh tells her that he's had quite enough from her. "What is the point of this?" she asks. "To destroy a man who seeks the truth, or to destroy the truth so no man can seek it? Either way? You lose." And she stomps out. Everyone is stunned that Moronica can actually speak at a normal pace. And you know what? Annabeth Gish did a good job there. I'm not going to start calling her "Monica," or anything, since I'm too lazy to train myself to type that with half a recap left, but, still: way to go!

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