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The Truth, Part II

Driving. Mulder speeds past a sign indicating that they're on the 95 South. Scully is roused from her reverie. "Mulder, Kersh told us to head north," she says. "You just got on a road going south." Mulder doesn't look at her. "That's right," he says. "Where are we going?" Scully asks. "'To get my son back!'" I yelp on the sofa. "To see a man about the truth," Mulder says on the TV. Dang. Scully tries really, really hard not to roll her eyes.

D.C. 7:12 AM. Gibson, Moronica, and Doggett walk toward the LBO. "You can't hide me forever," Gibson is saying. Doggett claps his hand on Gibson's shoulder and gives him a supportive squeeze. "We can destroy your files -- make it next to impossible to find you," Moronica tells him. "You don't know these people," Gibson comments dryly. I can't believe Scully and Mulder didn't destroy Gibson's files before Mulder went on the lam (the first time), anyway. Doggett stops and leans over, looking Gibson right in the face. "I'm going to protect you, Gibson," he says very seriously. Which makes sense. Obviously, Doggett might feel that Gibson represents his second chance to save Luke. You know, metaphorically -- the whole Kid In Danger-type thing. Behind them, Moronica has swung open the office door. "John," she calls in a strangled voice. He turns and looks over her shoulder into the office. Which has been trashed. The desks and chairs and file cabinets are gone. Crumpled paper litters the floor. The "I Want to Believe" poster lies on the ground, trampled on. "What the hell is this?" Doggett barks. "What the hell is going on?" He stalks inside and kneels next to the poster. He begins to roll it up neatly. "They can't do this!" he yelps. "Who authorized this?" Moronica just looks around helplessly. She stoops and picks up the phone, which is on the floor. She calls Skinner. "They've packed up the X-Files," she tells him. "I know, it's out of control," Skinner grouses. "I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. I'm trying to get to Kersh."

Doggett and Moronica take Gibson and march upstairs, where they run into Skinner at Kersh's office door. Skinner looks at them helplessly. "All I can think is, it's punishment for taking Mulder's side," he says. "Unless they found out we helped him escape." Moronica and Doggett exchange worried looks. "Then they know about the Deputy Director's involvement, too," Doggett says. Skinner just looks very upset. Frankly, I don't understand why any of them came back to work. Obviously, their hand in Mulder's escape is going to come out. If they were smart, the four of them would have gone home, packed everything they could carry, gathered up Gibson, and made their own run for the border. Plus, how hilarious would it be to see Kersh and Skinner on the run together? All the sniping and bickering and inappropriate stressing of words? Good times.

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