The Way She Moves

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The Way She Moves
PhotoFest. Moronica mopes. In the World's Worst Attempt to Cheer Up a Friend, Tramp #1 tells Moronica that, while she personally loves a good fling, she doesn't think it's a good idea for Moronica to fall for a guy like Mango. He's sexy, says Tramp #1. He's exotic! But you couldn't live with him. Have the fling! But then run back to the mean rich guy and live out the rest of your life in misery. Having thus imparted her wisdom, Tramp #1 leaves. Moronica looks thoughtful. Maybe she's thinking how much her friends suck and what crappy advice they give. Rehearsal. Moronica still can't get the hang of the end of the routine. For some reason, the Tramps are present for the advanced class. I don't know why. Anyway, mid-gyrations, Matt enters the studio. Moronica looks horrified and runs over to talk to him. Matt hands her a sheaf of flowers. And tells her she looks incredible. And that he realizes she's right. He needs to make their relationship the most important thing in his life. Also, he's not going to New York. He's miserable without her, blah blah blah blah. Moronica just looks behind her shoulder at Mango and says nothing. Matt very unconvincingly attempts to talk her into getting back together with him. Moronica sputters that she doesn't know what to say. Mango comes trotting over to protect his woman. Matt ignores him and tells Moronica that he doesn't want to make a scene, but he wants her answer. Mango is all, you're disrupting rehearsal. The rest of the men in the dance company start to get off the floor, the better to provide Mango with some backup. An all-dancing, all-singing kind of backup. Moronica pleads with everyone to be reasonable and tells Matt she'll call him later. He kisses her cheek and leaves, shooting Mango a dirty look. Moronica apologizes to Mango, who shrugs, irritated. Finally, they go back to the dancing. "Boys, boys, crazy boys," Tramp #1 sings, but Tramp #2 doesn't get the reference. (It's West Side Story, for those of you unversed in musical theatre.) After practice, Moronica tries to apologize for Matt's behavior, but Mango is all bitchy and cold to her. "Can I call you?" she finally asks. "You can do whatever you want. You're a free woman," Mango snips. Moronica splits, and Mango pouts, passionately. So Moronica runs home to mommy, and says that she got a spread in a major art magazine with the pictures she took of Mango and the kids, and she should be happy, but she's not! She sobs, while her mother stares, dumbfounded. Moronica wails that she's so confused! Matt...or Mango? Mango...or Matt?

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