The Way She Moves

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The Way She Moves
Park. People are still dancing, endlessly dancing. Mango and the Mango Dancers shake their groove things on stage. Soon, the firetruck pulls up, and Moronica and her wedding gown run through the crowd, desperately trying to reach Mango, who's dramatically leapt off the stage. Mango runs to join Moronica. The world stares. In the midst of the audience, Mango grabs Moronica by the arms. She sputters that she was halfway down the aisle before she realized there was somewhere else she wanted to be. Mango is rather pleased by this development. Man-Woman threads through the crowd. She's apparently gone back on her meds since last we saw her, because she smiles widely and grabs Moronica, forcing her to dance with the Mango Dancers. Moronica does the entire god-forsaken routine with them, wearing her wedding dress. Mid-routine, Mom and the Tramps pull up in Mom's sensible car and push and shove their way to the front of the audience, the better to cheer on the dancing! I guess the Tramps are over that whole Marry Rich Matt jones they were nursing so ardently about five minutes ago. Maybe Mom explained in the car on the way over that he's a big fat liar. And after seven thousand years and plenty of dancing that defies the laws of salsa, the routine ends. Moronica and Mango embrace, freed by the fiery temptations of salsa! Freed to love each other! They laugh and kiss and dance in slow motion. I fear I will never stop vomiting.

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