The Way She Moves

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The Way She Moves
Outside. Mango is suddenly wearing a blazer, having stopped in his mad dash after Moronica to stop by the coat check and retrieve it. He admits that bringing her to the club was a mistake. "It was insensitive," he says. "Look, this is just beginning. This is all new to you. You'll get there. It's my job to make sure you get there." I'm not sure we're still talking about dancing. Mango takes Moronica back to the studio for another scene ripped off from Strictly Ballroom. Take that montage where Paul Mercurio and his Ugly Duckling/Swan partner are training for the big competition and add a little cilantro, and you're got this scene, including the "feel the beat in your heart" pounding-your-chest move. Mango's all opening Moronica's soul to lurve through the power of dance, and shit. Then he puts her hand on his crotch and tells her to "surrender herself." If that happened in any other kind of lesson -- driving, for example -- someone would end up in jail. Anyway. They dance. They dance! The Latin Music of Stereotypical Blossoming Passion wails in the background. When the lesson is concluded, Mango makes Moronica take a bow. She giggles. Mango walks Moronica to her car, telling her that he teaches elementary school. "What about you?" he asks. "I'm in the FBI. I mean, I work in a photo lab," Moronica replies. Mango quotes Keats and talks about photography and basically charms the pants off Moronica before inviting her out again. She can't go, she tells him, because she has to attend an open house at the gallery. He jumps at the chance to attend said open house. Moronica stammers. "I'm there," Mango tells her. He's all intense and salsa-riffic. "Goodnight," he tells her. "Don't forget to breathe." Moronica looks stunned and thoughtful as her lusty if somewhat incomprehensible partner scampers off through the night. PhotoFest Open House. Moronica and her flowery halter-top dress greet her mother rather unenthusiastically. Mom notices that Moronica isn't wearing her engagement ring, but doesn't say anything. She just looks gigantically disapproving. She looks even more dour when she sees Moronica run off to greet Mango and Goatee. Elsewhere at the Open House, Tramp #1 mercilessly hits on Mango. Eventually Moronica saves him, taking him upstairs to see her photographs. Moronica's mother watches Mango and Moronica scamper upstairs and makes an appalled face, as though Moronica had ripped off her dress and danced through the gallery, pouring red wine over her naked body and yodeling.

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