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Can This Be Happening?

Running Running Running through the forest. Scully stops in the middle of the woods, and looks up into the night sky to see the UFO heading straight for the compound. She starts up with the running again, and arrives in the clearing just in time to see the ship hovering over the cabin, shining a very, very bright light inside.

Scully races inside the farmhouse, which is full of light, and dust, and wind, and screaming former abductees. Inside the house, the rest of the SWAT team looks completely stunned and awed; everyone is staring into the light. Scully watches helplessly as the light shudders and disappears. "No, no!" she murmurs under her breath, as she runs to where she last saw Jeremiah Smith. The room is, of course, deserted. Scully looks up at the empty sky in despair. "This is not happening," she whispers. She drops to her knees. "No. This is not happening!" Her head hangs back in agony for a moment, as she screams. "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

To be continued, of course.

After a month of The Lone Gunmen -- Krycek!

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