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Can This Be Happening?

Scully stomps her fluffy-haired ass after him. "What was that, in there?" she spits. Doggett informs her that he was "pressing the witness to get the truth." Scully sighs, and asks him if he really can't believe that the person Richie saw might not have been human. Doggett dismisses this, telling her that "it's not worth arguing about." Scully gives him a minor eyebrow, and reminds him that they've finally gotten a break in the Mulder case, a break they've been looking for months! Looking for half-assedly for months, I mutter. Doggett stares at Scully real hard and then Psych 101s that while he knows she wants to find Mulder, he thinks she's also scared of finding him. He then stomps off for the second time in as many scenes, as Scully does the stunned "Can It Be True?" Stare into the distance.

Up in the ether of the atmosphere, Mulder is still getting tortured. And you can tell it's been a while since our last visit to the Worst Dentist in the Universe, because not only are his cheeks all stretched apart, still, he's also gotten himself a real bad case of dry skin -- all flaky and whatnot -- on his chin. Still, a little moisturizer will clear that right up; the constant chest openings and anal probings are probably more worrisome, health-wise.

Back on earth, Scully wakes with a gasp, sitting straight up in bed. Too freaked out to roll over and go back to sleep, Scully gets dressed and trots, looking lost and alone, to Skinner's motel room. Skinner answers the door in a tight white t-shirt, sans glasses. "What if he's dead?" Scully asks piteously. Skinner stares at her intently, but I'm not sure if that's because he's full of intense emotions, or because he just can't see without his glasses and has no idea who this short, sad-sounding person is. Scully looks at her feet. "I'm sorry, I just had a bad dream," she whispers. Skinner looks past her head. "Let me get some clothes on," he says, gruffly, and shuts the door in her face.

Skinner and Scully walk over to the little lawn opposite the motel. Skinner's dressed, but has left his glasses in the motel. They stare up into the night sky. "I once had a talk with Mulder about starlight," Scully says. "How it's billions of years old. [Scully stares at the sky.] Stars that are now long dead, whose light is still traveling through time. It won't die, that light. Maybe it's the only thing that never does. [Skinner gazes at her, sympathetically.] He said that's where souls reside." Scully starts to tear up. She kind of clamps her lips together and nods her head. "I hope he's right," she whispers, attempting to smile bravely. Skinner puts his arm around her. "If you're trying to prepare yourself, I want you to stop. Nothing says we're going to stumble over him in some field," he says. Scully's crying proper now, but manages to smile, painfully, through her tears. "Nothing says he won't be fine," Skinner finishes, firmly, as Scully buries her head in his chest and sobs. He wraps his arms around her. Nice work from both of them, there.

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