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Can This Be Happening?

In the hospital waiting room, Doggett sits like an expectant father in a 1950s sitcom, elbows on his knees, head on his hands. I guess watching his partner cutting open a dead guy while crying her eyes out was too much for him. Or maybe he wanted to leave Scully and Skinner alone. Monica glides down the hall toward him, looking extremely grim. "You're hurting for her, I know," she says softly. Yeah, figuring that out was a toughie! You are empathic, Monica! You ought to take that show on the road! Doggett glances at her, looking haggard. "Agent Scully," he begins. "I don't know how she's doing it in there, with everything she's feeling. I know what she's afraid of," he comments, pensively. "You know it all too well," Monica comments in yet another line that's totally pointless and, hence, irritating. Doggett rises and gets right into her face. "Let's leave the past in the past," he asks. Monica swallows (I guess that's Monica Joke number three, but the pun was not intended, I swear to you). "It was your fear, too," she empaths. Anvils fall all around me. The Mulder and Scully action figures scream in fear, but I shelter their little plastic bodies with my own. Monica looks at Doggett sympathetically. "Those three days we looked for your son, the fear of finding what we did," she exposits. "I understand. That's why you're so determined to find Mulder alive," she finishes, talking slowly and softly, like the world's weirdest kindergarten teacher. Doggett looks away, and sighs. He looks back at her, and snips that that's why he "can't stand to listen to all this mumbo jumbo about space ships." Monica purses her lips, and informs Doggett that she saw what she saw, and she's not going to lie to him. They are standing so close together that Doggett could easy reach out his tongue and lick her nose. I wish he would, just to liven up this scene. Monica gets to advance the plot further by handing Doggett Absalom's "Wanted" flier. She explains that Absalom is a religious zealot who recently escaped a shoot-out in Idaho, where he was the nominal leader of a doomsday cult that believed aliens would take over the world at the new millennium. Oh, one of those. Doggett eyes the flier and looks back at Monica, who is very busy making her serious face. She continues, telling Doggett that when Y2K passed without aliens taking over the universe, Absalom "fled, and tried a more ecumenical scam." I'll bet she learned that word from her FBI Agent's Word of the Day Toilet Paper. She wraps up the final quarter of Exposition Ball by explaining that the truck she saw in the field is registered to a nearby farm. Doesn't it need to be registered to a specific person on the farm? Oh, whatever.

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