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The Lone Gunmen inform Scully that they were tracking Mulder all morning, until a storm blew in and disrupted all the transmission. "Well, what's happened to him?" Scully finally asks, irritated. Byers admits that they have no way of knowing "without alternative tracking data." Scully looks down at her feet. "Without good data, all we can do is wait and hope for the best," Langly says. "Yeah, and expect the worst," Frohike sniffs. Scully sets her jaw. "Well, we have to get help," Scully tells them, heading off down the hallway. The Gunmen trot after her. "Without a position, he's a needle in a haystack," Byers calls. "What do you need?" Scully asks, heading back to her desk. "Navy AWACS SLAR or SAR 100 K Swath Imaging. You're going to have to find someone at the Pentagon to get it," Langly tells her. Scully writes this gobbledygook down, then heads purposefully for the door. "Wait for me downstairs," she calls over her shoulder.

Scully heads out into the hallway to the tune of Yeah, This Whole Scene Is One Long Shot And That Just Blows My Mind Every Time I See It and strides into Skinner's office. Scully stalks right past Arlene and into the interior office, interrupting Skinner on the phone. "Sir?" she asks. Skinner rolls his eyes and tells the person on the other end of the phone to hang on. Scully tells him shortly that she needs his help. Skinner sighs deeply. "I'll call you back in five," he says, hanging up and standing.

Skinner explains to Scully that she can't just come rushing into his office any old time she likes. Scully sniffs that she just didn't have the time to talk to Arlene: "It's about Agent Mulder. He's done something incredibly rash." Skinner rolls his eyes and looks at his feet. "I can't," he tells her. "He may be lost at sea," Scully says. Skinner irritably explains that he can't just drop everything to help them. He's not their boss anymore. He's not even supposed to talk to them. "Don't you even want to know what this is about?" Scully asks. Skinner escorts her to the door and explains that he so does not. "I don't even want to hear it," he says. And I can't blame him. Can you? Scully sputters that "this is about a man's life." Skinner stands by the door and reminds her that he's really not even allowed to have any contact with her or with Mulder. "She walked right past me, sir," Arlene brats from the doorway. Scully reaches out and slams the door in Arlene's face.

"You're out of line, Scully," Skinner says after a moment. "No, sir, you're out of line," Scully informs him. "I'm sorry, but I've come to you for help and I've got nowhere else to go. I would hope that after everything we've been through, you would at least have the courtesy and the decency, not to mention the respect to listen to what I have to say!" Skinner has no response. Scully waves her sad little scrap of paper in his face. "Now," she tells him, "all I need is information. You don't have to do anything else." Skinner snatches the paper out of her hand and examines it as Scully explains that if he knows anybody at the Office of Naval Intelligence, it would be of great help. Skinner just folds the paper back into a sad little square. He looks at his feet. "I could lose my job. My pension. I could even be subject to legal action." Scully huffs loudly and glares at him and begins to open the door. He reaches over her head and slams it shut again. They stare at each other. "Use your head, Scully. It'll save your ass," he tells her. She glares at him. "Save your own head, sir. You'll save your ass along with it." Then she stomps out the other door -- the one that leads directly into the hallway. Skinner sits back down at this desk and goes back to searching the Personals. "Tall Hot Baldy Looking for Gruff, Blue-Eyed Former Cop," he types.

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