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Scully stomps down the hallway, clearly thinking. She closes her eyes for a moment, a potent combination of desperation and irritation washing over her face. Walking. Walking. Walking down the hallway. In front of her, the elevator doors slide open. She skips over and shoves herself into the very full lift. Everyone in the elevator stares at her, as she taps the folded paper into her open palm. She glares at one of them, all, "What are you looking at? Thinking that everyone suspects that I'm banging that hot tall guy I work with? So what if I am?"

Eventually, the elevator doors open and Scully stalks out, stepping on someone's foot. "Sorry," she calls over her shoulder unapologetically. She steamrollers down the hallway and right into Kersh's office. That's never a good idea, by the way -- going to see Kersh. Even if he does end up breaking Mulder out of the brig at the end of it all. Kersh's assistant is away from her desk, so Scully just heads right for Kersh's door. Scully's hand is practically on the doorknob when she thinks better of it, rubs her forehead, and turns on her heel to head back out into the hallway. Kersh's assistant -- what did I call her that one time I made up her name? Sally? Close enough -- steps out of his office, calling over her shoulder that she'll get someone on the phone for him. Scully turns and get right into Sally's face, demanding to see Kersh. Sally tries to prevent short little Scully from peering over her shoulder and into Kersh's office, doing a silly little dance in the process. "I'm sorry, he's not available," Sally says. Scully gets on her toes to peer over Sally's shoulder and yells to Kersh, asking if she may have a moment of his time. "A moment for what?" Kersh asks. "May I, sir? Thank you," Scully says, walking past Sally with a smart look. She waves her papers in the air. "Sir, I need some information," Scully begins. "I'm not a liberty to say why, but I can tell you that it is of the utmost importance." At this point, the camera swings around Kersh's office, revealing CSM lounging against a wall and sucking on a Morley. Scully stares at him for a long moment. "I...um....Sorry. I shouldn't have come unannounced," she stutters. Kersh approaches her. "May I see what you were coming to show me, Agent Scully?" he asks. Scully glances from Kersh to CSM and back again. "Um. It's nothing. Really," she insists. Kersh snatches the paper away from her. "Good," he says, and shows her out.

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