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Back into the hallway! Scully looks very irritated. "What the hell are you doing?" Doggett asks her. "I'm trying to teach a class," Scully explains. "And also to live peacefully in denial." Doggett wonders if Scully understands exactly what this all means. "We know who these Super-Soldiers are; we can go after them. This is somebody giving us a way to make it safe for Mulder to come home again," he explains. "Come on, Dana -- Walter and I want to double-date with you guys! We've got four tickets for The Producers next month and I really don't want to have to take Moronica and her Flavor of the Month again!" Scully huffs and points out that this whole "Must Talk to Mulder" thing could easily be a trick. Doggett wonders why Scully doesn't even want to check it out. "I don't want Agent Mulder's life to be any more in danger than it already is," Scully says, and turns to go back into the classroom. "How long you going to keep doing this?" Doggett gruffs loudly. Scully's all, what? And Doggett's all, "Refuse to trust me. Or anybody. How else you gonna get him home?" He stares at her with his pretty, pretty sparkly blue eyes. Scully looks at her expensive shoes and blinks, and then goes back into the classroom. Doggett is silently pained. Next to me on the sofa, the Mulder action figure sighs. "Please let me come home," he says. The Scully snorts and takes another swig from the flask she's started carrying around.

Street of Scully. Scully's opening the back door of her car to spring William from his car seat when she hears a man and woman arguing up the street. Fancy that, it's Mallory and the same man she was bickering with outside the internet café! What an incredible coincidence! Scully looks at the couple for a moment, and then shuts the door on her precious and much-wished for child and leaves him alone in the car on a dark street and goes off to investigate. I'm not sure if Scully remembers this, but any number of horrific things have happened to her -- and her family members -- on this very street. She calls out to Mallory, asking if she needs help. She doesn't use the phrase, "Stop, I'm a Federal Agent," a string of words I find generally stops nasty street brawls on a dime. Instead, Scully just watches as the dude grabs the baby from Mallory and drives off into the night. Mallory weakly calls after him. Scully looks at her. "Are you all right?" she asks.

Scully's place. Scully, Mallory, and William stand in the living room in the dark. Scully? Have you learned nothing? Don't. Let. Total. Strangers. Into your apartment! Hello? Christ. Anyway, Scully says that Mallory obviously has "a problem," and explains that she saw Mallory that morning at the café. Mallory admits that the baby-stealer is her husband. "It's okay. I understand," Scully says. "I mean, it's hard enough caring for a child." Much less some pain-in-the-ass man who's always running out on you, she thinks. "You don't have anyone, do you?" Mallory asks, rather rudely. I mean, what kind of thing is that to say to someone you barely know? Why doesn't she just ask Scully how long she's been a complete pathetic dried-up old loser with no life? Scully just makes a sad face, as usual, and looks down at her baby. "No. But I wish I did," she admits. "Maybe he'll come back," Mallory offers. Scully smiles, and asks her if she has "anywhere to go." Mallory lies that she doesn't. "I'm going to get you a blanket, and something hot to drink, all right? My name's Dana," Scully says. I can't believe Scully's going to let a total stranger sleep in her house.

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